X.400 Operations (x400ops)

Status: Concluded June, 1994 
 Tony Genovese 
 Alf Hansen 
Description of Working Group:
X.400 management domains are being deployed today on the Internet. There 
is a
need for coordination of the various efforts to insure that they can
interoperate and collectively provide an Internet-wide X.400 message 
service connected to the existing Internet mail service. The overall 
goal of
this group is to insure interoperability between Internet X.400 
domains and the existing Internet mail service. The specific task of 
group is to produce a document that specifies the requirements and 
of operational Internet PRMDs.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1405 Mapping between X.400(1984/1988) and Mail-11 (DECnet mail) (Experimental)
  • RFC1465 Routing coordination for X.400 MHS services within a multi protocol / multi network environment Table Format V3 for static routing (Experimental)
  • RFC1502 X.400 Use of Extended Character Sets (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1648 Postmaster Convention for X.400 Operations (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1649 Operational Requirements for X.400 Management Domains in the GO-MHS Community (Informational)
  • RFC1664 Using the Internet DNS to Distribute RFC1327 Mail Address Mapping Tables (Experimental)