Internet White Pages Requirements (whip)

Status: Concluded June, 1995 
 Tony Genovese 
Description of Working Group:
  At the Seattle IETF in March 1994, a BOF was held on the establishment
  of a Simple Internet White Pages Service (SIWPS).  A basic model was
  proposed, and further work was defined.  One of the requested work 
  items was a definition of the basic requirements for such a service.  This
  working group is chartered to produce a single Informational RFC
  capturing these basic requirements.  It will do so without prejudice 
  to existing solutions or implementations.
  The requirements document should only contain the basic requirements
  for a SIWPS.  The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather 
  should provide a set of minimum requirements to guide the overall structure 
  of white pages service effort; these requirements can be used by related 
  IETF working groups to start to define the Internet white pages 
  The working group is meant to be short-lived and to produce only the
  one document.