TP/IX (tpix)

Status: Concluded February, 1994 
 Vladimir Sukonnik 
Description of Working Group:
	TP/IX is a new version of the IP, TCP, and UDP protocols, to
	advance the Internet technology to the scale and performance of
	the next generation of internetwork technology. TP/IX has been
	assigned the IP version number 7.
	The working group is chartered to review the TP/IX and RAP
	protocols, evaluate issues arising during product development
	and deployment planning, and to document problems and
	explanations for any parts of the coexistance with IPv4 not
	covered directly in the TP/IX-IPv4 interoperation design.
	The group will also be the initial forum for development of the RAP
	protocol while it is experimental; this work will need to be moved
	to the Routing Area when it is to be advanced.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1475 TP/IX: The Next Internet (Experimental)
  • RFC1476 RAP: Internet Route Access Protocol (Experimental)