TFTP Extensions (tftpexts)

Status: Concluded March, 1995 
 Art Harkin 
 Gary Malkin 
Description of Working Group:
The TFTP Extensions Working Group will review, refine as needed, and 
then make a recommendation on standardization of several recent 
standards-track proposals to extend TFTP.  These proposals include a
backward compatible extension mechanism for TFTP and related extension
options for this mechanism.
Initial drafts of all of the documents that the working group is 
expected to review have already been, or will soon be, published.  The
working group will be starting with documents that have been prepared 
as individual (or spontaneous design team) contributions.  It is not 
expected to initiate new work.  On the other hand, it is expected to 
make explicit "not ready for standardization" or "inappropriate for 
standardization" recommendations if appropriate. 
The working group will be begin with the following Internet-Drafts or
their successors:
  - draft-malkin-tftp-option-ext-00.txt
  - draft-malkin-tftp-blksize-opt-00.txt

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1782 TFTP Option Extension (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1783 TFTP Blocksize Option (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1784 TFTP Timeout Interval and Transfer Size Options (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1785 TFTP Option Negotiation Analysis (Informational)