TCP Large Windows (tcplw)

Status: Concluded April, 1998 
 David Borman 
Description of Working Group:
The TCP Large Windows Working Group is chartered to produce a
specification for the use of TCP on high-delay, high-bandwidth paths.
To this end, this working group recommended ``TCP extensions for
long-delay paths'' (RFC 1072), and ``TCP Extension for High-Speed
Paths'' (RFC 1185)
be published jointly as a Proposed Standard.  Deficiencies in
the technical details of the documents were identified by the
End-to-End Research Group of the IRTF.  Rather than progress the
standard with known deficiencies, the IESG tasked the End-to-End
Research Group to fix and merge these two documents into a single
protocol specification document. This review was done on the mailing list.
The TCP Large Windows Working Group is being resurrected for a one
time meeting, to review and if appropriate, approve this new document.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1323 TCP Extensions for High Performance (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC2018 TCP Selective Acknowledgment Options (Proposed Standard)