Internet Security Policy (spwg)

Status: Concluded August, 1991 
 Richard Pethia 
Description of Working Group:
The Security Policy Working Group (SPWG) is chartered to create a proposed
Internet Security Policy for review, possible modification, and
possible adoption by the Internet Activities Board.  The SPWG will
focus on both technical and administrative issues related to security,
including integrity, authentication and confidentiality controls, and
the administration of hosts and networks.
Among the issues to be considered in this Working Group are:
   Responsibilities and obligations of users, database
     administrators, host operators, and network managers.
   Technical controls which provide protection from disruption of
     service, unauthorized modification of data, unauthorized disclosure
     of information and unauthorized use of facilities.
   Organizational requirements for host, local network, regional
     network and backbone network operators.
   Incident handling procedures for various Internet components.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1281 Guidelines for the Secure Operation of the Internet (Informational)