Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement (rtfm)

Status: Concluded October, 2000 
 Nevil Brownlee 
 Sig Handelman 
 Gregory Ruth 
Description of Working Group:
This working group has three main objectives:
* Consider current issues in traffic flow measurement, such as
  - Security issues relating to both traffic measuring devices
    and to the data they produce.
  - Policy issues relating to traffic measurement and usage
    accounting, for example any requirements these may place on
    emerging network protocols
  - Existing work in traffic flow measurement, including that of
    IETF Working Groups such as bmwg/ippm, rsvp and rmonmib, as
    well as that by vendors and independent researchers
* Produce an improved Traffic Flow Model considering at least the
  following needs:
  - wider range of measurable quantities, e.g. those relating to
      IPv6, and to class of service
  - simpler ways to specify flows of interest
  - better ways to control access to measured flow data
  - strong focus on data reduction capabilities
  - efficient hardware implementation
* Develop the RTFM Architecture and Meter MIB as 'standards track'
  documents with the IETF.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC2063 Traffic Flow Measurement: Architecture (Experimental)
  • RFC2064 Traffic Flow Measurement: Meter MIB (Experimental)
  • RFC2123 Traffic Flow Measurement: Experiences with NeTraMet (Informational)
  • RFC2720 Traffic Flow Measurement: Meter MIB (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC2721 RTFM: Applicability Statement (Informational)
  • RFC2722 Traffic Flow Measurement: Architecture (Informational)
  • RFC2723 SRL: A Language for Describing Traffic Flows and Specifying Actions for Flow Groups (Informational)
  • RFC2724 RTFM Working Group - New Attributes for Traffic Flow Measurement (Experimental)