Routing Policy System (rps)

Status: Concluded February, 2000 
 Cengiz Alaettinoglu 
 Curtis Villamizar 
Description of Working Group:
The Routing Policy System Working Group intends to provide 
standardization of protocols and recommended practices neccesary to 
support interoperability of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR). The IRR 
has been in use since 1995 based initially on the RIPE-181 policy
The activities of the RPS Working Group shall include (1) defining a
language, referred to as Routing Policy Specification Language(RPSL),for 
describing routing policy constraints, (2) defining a simple and robust 
distributed registry model for publishing routing policy constraints, 
and (3) providing a forum for the discussion of tools for analysing 
registered policy constraints, for checking global consistency, for 
generating router configurations, and for diagnosing operational routing 

Request for Comments:

  • RFC2280 Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC2622 Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC2650 Using RPSL in Practice (Informational)
  • RFC2725 Routing Policy System Security (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC2726 PGP authentication for RIPE database updates (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC2754 RPS IANA Issues (Informational)
  • RFC2769 Routing Policy System Replication (Proposed Standard)