Relational Database Management Systems MIB (rdbmsmib)

Status: Concluded August, 1994 
 Robert Purvy 
Description of Working Group:
The Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) MIB Working Group is
chartered to develop a set of managed objects for RDBMS implementations.
These objects will be the minimum necessary to provide the ability to
monitor and control these systems, providing fault, configuration, and
performance management, and will be consistent with the SNMP framework
and existing SNMP standards.
At its discretion, the working group may also define a small number of
unsolicited notifications (traps) which carry these managed objects.
However, the working group recognizes that traps are used sparingly in
the SNMP framework.
The working group recognizes that the structure of RDBMS implementations
varies widely, and shall take special care that its definitions reflect
a generic and consistent architectural model of RDBMS management rather
than the structure of particular RDBMS implementations, or operating
system or platform-specific issues.  However, because of the inherent
architectural differences between different implementations, the working
group may have to separate the MIB definitions common to all RDBMSs from
the definitions which would apply only to some RDBMSs.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1697 Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Management Information Base (MIB) using SMIv2 (Proposed Standard)