Presence and Instant Messaging Protocol (prim)

Last Modified: 2003-03-25


Vijay Saraswat <>
Florencio Mazzoldi <>

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Ned Freed <>
Ted Hardie <>

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Ted Hardie <>

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Description of Working Group:

The purpose of this working group is to produce a set of protocols for Presence and Instant Messaging services, which will minimally satisfy the IMPP Model and Requirements [RFC2778/2779]. In June 2000 the IMPP WG produced various Internet-Drafts with several protocols falling in the same group due to very similar architectures. Four of those proposals were combined into a new one called PRIM (Presence and Instant Messaging) following the WG chairs recommendation to proceed with proposals from that group. The PRIM working group emerged from this collaborative activity.

The working group will generate a set of standard track documents for the PRIM specifications. It will specify the protocols and data formats for the Presence and Instant Messaging services using a minimalist approach, complying with RFC 2779 and with CPIM, without adding implementation complexities. BCP 41 will be the basis for working group consideration of the transport implications of the PRIM designs with respect to network congestion

These protocols will take existing architecture and widely-deployed Presence and Instant Messaging services on the Internet as an intra- domain basis, and use CPIM over TCP for inter-domain exchange of presence information and instant messages.

The working group will work in collaboration with the IMPP WG to finish the CPIM specifications.

The PRIM specification documents will include the following:

o The inter-domain server-server protocol specification for the Presence/Instant Messaging services, which map the CPIM specification being developed by the IMPP working group over TCP. This specification defines protocols for subscription/notification and instant messaging.

o The client-server protocol specification for the Presence service. This specification defines a protocol to subscribe to a presence entity (presentity), to send a change notification to a watcher, and to control the presentity and presence information distribution.

o The client-server protocol specification for the Instant Messaging service. This specification defines a protocol to send and receive instant messages between a client and a server.

The PRIM proposal (draft-mazzoldi-prim-impp-01.txt) will serve as the starting point for the discussions in this WG.

Goals and Milestones:

SEP 01    Submit a set of revised specifications to IESG for consideration as standard-track RFCs, subject to CPIM completion of relevant milestones.
DEC 01    Review work items and re-charter

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