Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering (pier)

Status: Concluded June, 1998 
 Roger Fajman 
 Bill Manning 
Description of Working Group:
PIER will fill the niche between the ADDRCONF, CIDRD, DHCP, SERV-LOC,
and other working groups as needed in identifying processes and
procedures, tools and techniques for renumbering in both the IPv4 and
IPv6 environments.  Since IPv6 is still in development, the main focus
will be IPv4 environments.  Emphasis will be placed on identifying the
places where hardcoded IP addresses are used and documenting those
places. If there are viable alternatives to hardcoded IP addresses, the
working group will document those as well. The end results of these
investigations will be a series of documents on renumbering issues and
recommendations on what actions might be taken to address those issues
where there is no currently viable alternative. These recommendations
will be to other working groups and/or areas regarding possible
improvements to protocols that would aid in renumbering. The PIER
working group will not develop such protocols itself.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1916 Enterprise Renumbering: Experience and Information Solicitation (Informational)
  • RFC2071 Network Renumbering Overview: Why would I want it and what is it anyway? (Informational)
  • RFC2072 Router Renumbering Guide (Informational)