Private Data Network Routing (pdnrout)

Status: Concluded August, 1990 
 CH Rokitansky 
Description of Working Group:
The DoD INTERNET TCP/IP protocol suite has developed into a de facto
industry standard for heterogenous packet switching computer networks.
In the US, several hundreds of INTERNET networks are connected
together; however the situation is completely different in Europe.
The only network which could be used as a backbone to allow
interoperation between the many local area networks in Europe, now
subscribing to the DoD INTERNET TCP/IP protocol suite, would be the
system of Public Data Networks (PDN). However, so far, no algorithms
have been provided to dynamically route INTERNET datagrams through
X.25 public data networks.  Therefore, the goals of the Public Data
Network Routing Working Group are the development, definition and
specification of required routing and gateway algorithms for an
improved routing of INTERNET datagrams through the system of X.25
Public Data Networks (PDN) to allow worldwide interoperation between
TCP/IP networks in various countries.  In addition, the application
and/or modification of the developed algorithms to interconnect local
TCP/IP networks via ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) will be