Performance and Congestion Control (pcc)

Status: Concluded January, 1991 
 Allison Mankin 
Description of Working Group:
The IETF Performance and Congestion Control Working Group is chartered
to collect and develop short-term techniques for improving Internet
performance, methods like TCP Slow-start, which are retrofittable and
inexpensive to implement.  After a preliminary draft of a white paper
documenting such performance enhancements for hosts and gateways, it
was decided to sharpen the focus and divide the material into two
The first paper is the Internet-Draft on gateway congestion control
policies and algorithms.  The intent of this paper is to present what
is now known about the difficult problem of avoiding congestion in
Internet gateways.  It describes proposed policies such as Random
Drop, Congestion Indication, and Fair Queuing, and sketches
ground-rules for their adoption.  An additional goal of the paper
(achieved during the writing) is to generate dialogue on longer-term
Internet gateway performance problems.
The other paper is an RFC on TCP performance.  This describes TCP
algorithms such as Retransmit Backoff, Slow-start, Nagle (Small-Packet
Avoidance), and Delayed Ack, as well as their correct interaction.
The scope is to expand the treatment of TCP performance found in the
Host Requirements RFC.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1254 Gateway Congestion Control Survey (Informational)