OSI Directory Services (osids)

Status: Concluded November, 1994 
 Steve Kille 
Description of Working Group:
The OSI-DS group works on issues relating to building an OSI Directory
Service using X.500 and its deployment on the Internet.  Whilst this
group is not directly concerned with piloting, the focus is practical,
and technical work needed as a pre-requisite to deployment of an open
Directory will be considered.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1275 Replication Requirements to provide an Internet Directory using X.500 (Informational)
  • RFC1276 Replication and Distributed Operations extensions to provide an Internet Directory using X.500 (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1277 Encoding Network Addresses to Support Operation Over Non-OSI Lower Layers (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1278 A String Encoding of Presentation Address (Informational)
  • RFC1279 X.500 and Domains (Experimental)
  • RFC1384 Naming Guidelines for Directory Pilots (Informational)
  • RFC1430 A Strategic Plan for Deploying an Internet X.500 Directory Service (Informational)
  • RFC1431 DUA Metrics (Informational)
  • RFC1484 Using the OSI Directory to achieve User Friendly Naming (OSI-DS 24 (v1.2)) (Experimental)
  • RFC1485 A String Representation of Distinguished Names (OSI-DS 23 (v5)) (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1487 X.500 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1488 The X.500 String Representation of Standard Attribute Syntaxes (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1564 DSA Metrics (OSI-DS 34 (v3)) (Informational)
  • RFC1608 Representing IP Information in the X.500 Directory (Experimental)
  • RFC1609 Charting Networks in the X.500 Directory (Experimental)
  • RFC1798 Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Proposed Standard)