Operational Statistics (opstat)

Status: Concluded August, 1995 
 Nevil Brownlee 
 Henry Clark 
Description of Working Group:
Today  there exists a  variety of network  management tools for
the collection and presentation  of network statistical  data.
Different kinds  of measurements  and  presentation techniques
make it hard to compare data between networks.  There exists a
need to compare these statistical data on  a uniform  basis to
facilitate cooperative management,  ease problem isolation  and
network planning.
The working group will  try  to   define a  model for  network
statistics,   a minimal set   of  common  metrics,   tools for
gathering  statistical  data, a  common  statistical  database
storage format and  common presentation   formats.  Collecting
tools will store data in a given  format later to be retrieved
by presentation tools displaying the data in a predefined way.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1404 A Model for Common Operational Statistics (Informational)
  • RFC1856 The Opstat Client-Server Model for Statistics Retrieval (Informational)
  • RFC1857 A Model for Common Operational Statistics (Informational)