OSI Internet Management (oim)

Status: Concluded April, 1992 
 Brian Handspicker 
 Lee LaBarre 
Description of Working Group:
This Working Group will specify management information and protocols
necessary to manage IP-based and OSI-based LANs and WANs in the
Internet based on OSI Management standards and drafts, NIST
Implementors Agreements and NMF Recommendations. It will also provide
input to ANSI, ISO, NIST and NMF based on experience in the Internet,
and thereby influence the final form of OSI International Standards on

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1095 Common Management Information Services and Protocol over TCP/IP CMOT (Draft Standard)
  • RFC1189 The Common Management Information Services and Protocols for the Internet (Historic)
  • RFC1214 OSI Internet Management: Management Information Base (Historic)