Office Document Architecture (oda)

Status: Concluded April, 1993 
 Peter Kirstein 
Description of Working Group:
The ODA Working Group will develop guidelines for the use of the Office
Document Architecture for the  exchange of Compound documents including
formattable text, bit-map graphics and geometric graphics according to
the ODA Standard.  It will  consider  also Intercept Standards for other
document  content types it considers vital - e.g.,  spreadsheets.  The
Working Group will  define  how to use  both SMTP and X.400  for
interchange of ODA documents.   It will maintain close liaison with the 
and X.400 Working Groups.
This Working Group will review the availability of ODA implementations, 
in order to mount a Pilot Testbed for processable compound document
interchange.  Finally, it will set up and evaluate such a testbed.