Network Printing Protocol (npp)

Status: Concluded February, 1994 
 Glenn Trewitt 
Description of Working Group:
The Network Printing Working Group has the goal of pursuing those
issues which will facilitate the use of printers in an internetworking
environment.  In pursuit of this goal it is expected that we will
present one or more printing protocols for consideration for standards
status in the Internet community.
This working group has a number of specific objectives: to provide an
Internet-Draft which will describe the LPR protocol; to describe printing
specific issues on topics currently under discussion within other
working groups (e.g., Security and Dynamic Host Configuration); to
present our concerns to those working groups; and to examine printing
protocols which exist or are currently under development and assess
their applicability to Internet-wide use, suggesting changes if

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1179 Line Printer Daemon Protocol (Informational)