Network OSI Operations (noop)

Status: Concluded April, 1994 
 Susan Hares 
 Cathy Wittbrodt 
Description of Working Group:
The working group is chartered to work on issues related to the
deployment of CLNP in the Internet.  The first area of this group's
work has been the learning necessary to start deploying OSI in
Internet networks.  This phase includes planning for OSI
deployment by creating routing plans for regional networks and
education on using OSI routing protocols.
This first area of the group's work will be on-going as we continue to
deploy OSI in the Internet.  This step has lead to people deploying
OSI for pilot projects and demonstrations of OSI.
The second step of deploying OSI will be the transition of OSI from a
pilot service to a production service.  During this phase we will work
on specifying the network debugging tools and test beds.  We will need
to track the level of OSI support in the Internet.  We will need to
provide documentation for new users of OSI on the Internet.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1574 Essential Tools for the OSI Internet (Informational)
  • RFC1575 An Echo Function for CLNP (ISO 8473) (Draft Standard)