Network Joint Management (njm)

Status: Concluded April, 1994 
 Gene Hastings 
Description of Working Group:
There is a need for many different kinds of efforts to deal with
operational and front-line engineering issues, including helping
disparate organizations work with each other.  This is an attempt to
solidify some of those topics.  This does not make any pretense of being
Area of interest:  Operational issues and developments of the Internet.
Membership:  Operations and engineering personnel from national backbone
and mid-level networks.  Other groups with responsibility for production-
oriented services such as security oriented groups.
Associated technical groups:  Groups which will have an interest in, and
input to, the agenda of this group will include the IAB and its task
forces, and groups within FARNET. In particular, FARNET now has several
technical issues of concern, such as the selection of standard
internetwork services for debugging (like maps and standard SNMP
communities), and the specification of standard network statistics to be
taken (of special concern is the ubiquitous ability to collect those
Meeting times:  Members of the group will represent organizations with
production responsiblities.  Most work will be carried on via email or