Network Database (netdata)

Status: Concluded March, 1994 
 Daisy Rose 
Description of Working Group:
The Network Database Working Group is chartered to define a standard
interface among databases on TCP/IP internets.  The working group will
address the issue of database connectivity in a distributed environment
which allows authorized users remote access to databases.  It will be
designed as a client/server model based on TCP/IP as its communication
Several problems must be resolved that are associated with the network
database protocol, such as management of multiple threads between
clients and servers, management of multiple servers, management of data
buffers, data conversions, and security.
Additional related problems will be covered as the discussion goes on.
Therefore, the description and the schedule can be revised.
This working group is independent from the SQL access group; however,
there may be some overlapping interest.  The SQL access group is welcome
to join IETF's discussions and share information in both directions.
If both groups find that merging two efforts into one will speed up the
process, the merge can be done in the future.  For now, this working
group works on issues according to its own schedule and efforts.