Management Services Interface (msi)

Status: Concluded August, 1991 
 Oscar Newkerk 
 Sudhanshu Verma 
Description of Working Group:
The objective of the Management Services Interface Working Group is to
define a management services interface by which management
applications may obtain access to a heterogeneous, multi-vendor,
multi-protocol set of manageable objects.
The service interface is intended to support management protocols and
models defined by industry and international standards bodies.  As
this is an Internet Engineering Task Force Working Group, the natural
focus is on current and future network management protocols and models
used in the Internet.  However, the interface being defined is
expected to be sufficiently flexible and extensible to allow support
for other protocols and other classes of manageable objects.  The
anticipated list of protocols includes Simple Network Management
Protocol (SNMP), OSI Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP),
CMIP Over TCP (CMOT), Manufacturing Automation Protocol and Technical
Office Protocol CMIP (MAP/TOP CMIP) and Remote Procedure Call (RPC).