MIME-MHS Interworking (mimemhs)

Status: Concluded September, 1993 
 Steve Thompson 
Description of Working Group:
MIME, (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is currently a
   Draft Standard. MIME redefines the format of message bodies to
   allow multi-part textual and non-textual message bodies to be
   represented and exchanged without loss of information.  With the
   introduction of MIME as a Draft Standard it is now possible to
   define mappings between RFC 822 content-types and X.400 body parts.
   The MIME-MHS Interworking Working Group is chartered to develop
   these mappings, providing an emphasis on both interworking between
   Internet and MHS mail environments and also on tunneling through
   these environments. These mappings will be made in the context of an
   RFC 1148bis environment.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1494 Equivalences between 1988 X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1495 Mapping between X.400 and RFC-822 Message Bodies (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1496 Rules for downgrading messages from X.400/88 to X.400/84 when MIME content-types are present in the messages (Proposed Standard)