MHS-DS (mhsds)

Status: Concluded March, 1995 
 Harald Alvestrand 
 Kevin Jordan 
Description of Working Group:
The MHS-DS Working Group works on issues relating to Message Handling
Services use of Directory Services.  The message handling services are
primarily X.400, but issues relating to RFC 822 use of Directory and
Directory support for RFC 822 and X.400 interworking are in the scope of
the group.  Directory and Directory Services refer to the services
based upon the CCITT X.500 recommendations and additional ISO
standards, stable implementation agreements, and RFCs, as specified by
the OSI-DS Working Group.  The major aims of the MHS-DS Working Group
1. Define a set of specifications to enable effective, large-scale
deployment of X.400.
2. Study issues associated with supporting X.400 communities which lack
access to X.500 Directory, and define requirements for tools which: (a)
extract information from the X.500 Directory for use by non-X.500
applications, and (b) upload information into the X.500 Directory.
3. Coordinate a pilot project which deploys MHS information into the
X.500 Directory and uses it to facilitate mail routing and address
mapping.  The results of this pilot will be documented, and experience
gained from the project will be fed back into the Internet
specifications created by the working group.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1801 MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support MHS Routing (Experimental)
  • RFC1802 Introducing Project Long Bud: Internet Pilot Project for the Deployment of X.500 Directory Information in Support of X.400 Routing (Informational)
  • RFC1836 Representing the O/R Address hierarchy in the X.500 Directory Information Tree (Experimental)
  • RFC1837 Representing Tables and Subtrees in the X.500 Directory (Experimental)
  • RFC1838 Use of the X.500 Directory to support mapping between X.400 and RFC 822 Addresses (Experimental)