Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (kink)

Last Modified: 2005-12-16


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Description of Working Group:

The KINK working group is chartered to create a standards track
protocol to facilitate centralized key management for IPsec security
associations as defined in RFC 2401, as an alternative to IKE (RFC
2409).  Participating systems will use the Kerberos architecture as
defined in RFC 1510 (and its successors) for key management. The goal
of the working group is to produce a streamlined, fast, easily
managed, and cryptographically sound protocol that does not require
public key operations, and is compatible with existing and future
Kerberos infrastructures.

The working group will not require changes to either IPsec (RFC 2401),
or Kerberos (RFC 1510).

Goals and Milestones:

Done    Reach Consensus on requirements document
Done    Meet at San Diego IETF to review drafts
Done    Review issues with kink-06
Done    Submit kink-07
Done    Reach consensus on necessary changes
Done    Submit kink-08
Done    WGLC
Done    Submit draft to IESG
Done    Begin Interop bakeoffs
Done    Document interop results

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Request For Comments:

Requirements for Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (RFC 3129) (11401 bytes)
Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK) (RFC 4430) (91261 bytes)