Internet School Networking (isn)

Status: Concluded September, 1998 
 Jodi Ito 
 Jennifer Sellers 
Description of Working Group:
The Internet School Networking Working Group is chartered to address
issues related to the connection of primary and secondary schools
worldwide to the Internet. The key audiences include network service
providers and educational policy makers responsible for network access
and use. The key areas of focus for this group are advocacy and
1. Advocacy. The ISN Working Group will facilitate dialog between the
   primary and secondary education community and the Internet
   engineering community in order to identify and fulfill the needs of
   the primary and secondary school community.
2. Articulation. Informed by the group's experience, and with input
   from other IETF working groups, the ISN Working Group will
   articulate solutions to the challenges a school may experience in
   seeking and gaining a connection to the Internet, as well as the
   benefits of such a connection. Advantages to Internet connectivity
   may be articulated by means of pointers to such services as user
   interfaces, directories, organizations, and training programs, as
   well as to other resources. Articulation will most often be in the
   form of periodic documents that address key issues of interest to
   the school networking community. Representative issues to be
   addressed by the group include connectivity models, educational
   directories, and acceptable use policies.

Request for Comments:

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  • RFC1746 Ways to Define User Expectations (Informational)
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