OSI IDRP for IP Over IP (ipidrp)

Status: Concluded August, 1994 
 Susan Hares 
Description of Working Group:
The IDRP for IP over IP Working Group is chartered to standardize and 
the use of IDRP (ISO Inter-Domain Routing Protocol) as a scalable inter-
autonomous system routing protocol capable of supporting policy-based 
for TCP/IP internets.  The objective is to take IDRP, as it is defined 
by ISO 
standards, and define backward compatible extensions and/or network 
adaptation layers to enable this protocol to be used in TCP/IP 
If any ISO standardization efforts overlap with this area of work, it is
intended that the ISO work will supersede the standards proposed by this
1) IDRP for IP over IP document (standards track)
   This document contains the appropriate adaptations of the IDRP 
   definition that enables it to be used as a protocol for exchange of
   ``inter-autonomous system information'' among routers to support
   forwarding of IP packets across multiple autonomous systems.
2) IDRP MIB document (standards track)
   This document contains the MIB definitions for IDRP.  These MIB
   definitions are in two parts; IDRP General MIB, and IDRP for  IP
   MIB. An appendix is planned: IDRP for IP GDMO
3) IDRP - OSPF Interactions (standards track)
   This document will specify the interactions between IDRP and OSPF.
   This document will be based on a combination of the BGP-OSPF 
   document and IDRP - IS-IS interactions document.
4) IDRP for IP Usage document (standards track)
   Most of the IDRP for IP Usage document will reference the CIDR
	(supernetting) document.  Any additional terms or protocol
	definitions needed for IDRP for IP will also be specified here.