Concluded WGs

Note: For WGs that concluded after January 2018, please see the list of concluded groups in the IETF Datatracker.

Table of Contents

Applications Area


Acronym Name
822ext Internet Message Extensions
acap Application Configuration Access Protocol
apex Application Exchange
applmib Application MIB
asid Access, Searching and Indexing of Directories
atompub Atom Publishing Format and Protocol
beep Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol
calsch Calendaring and Scheduling
calsify Calendaring and Scheduling Standards Simplification
chronos Distributed Scheduling Protocol
cdi Content Distribution Internetworking
conneg Content Negotiation
crisp Cross Registry Information Service Protocol
dasl DAV Searching and Locating
drums Detailed Revision/Update of Message Standards
eai Email Address Internationalization
edi Electronic Data Interchange
ediint Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration
fax Internet Fax
find Common Indexing Protocol
ftpext Extensions to FTP
ftpext2 FTP Extenstions, 2nd edition
html HyperText Markup Language
http HyperText Transfer Protocol
httpstate HTTP State Management Mechanism (httpstate)
idnabis Internationalized Domain Names in Applications, Revised
ids Integrated Directory Services
imap Internet Message Access Protocol
imapext Internet Message Access Protocol Extension
imapmove IMAP MOVE extension
impp Instant Messaging and Presence
ipp Internet Printing Protocol
iri Internationalized Resource Identifiers

JSON data formats for vCard and iCalendar

json JavaScript Object Notation
lager Label Generation Rules
ldapbis LDAP (v3) Revision
ldapext LDAP Extension
ldup LDAP Duplication/Replication/Update Protocols
lemonade Enhancements to Internet email to Support Diverse Service Environments
list Automated Internet Mailing List Services
lsma Large Scale Multicast Applications
ltru Language Tag Registry Update
madman Mail and Directory Management
marf Messaging Abuse Reporting Format
marid MTA Authorization Records in DNS
mailext Mail Extensions
mhsds MHS-DS
mhtml MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents
mimemhs MIME-MHS Interworking
mimesgml MIME Content-Type for SGML Documents
mixer MIME - X.400 Gateway
morg Message Organization
msgtrk Message Tracking Protocol
netdata Network Database
netfax Network Fax
nntp Network News Transport Protocol
nntpext NNTP Extensions
notary Notifications and Acknowledgements Requirements
npp Network Printing Protocol
oda Office Document Architecture
opes Open Pluggable Edge Services
osids OSI Directory Services
paws Protocol to Access WS database
pop Post Office Protocol
prim Presence and Instant Messaging Protocol
provreg Provisioning Registry Protocol
printmib Printer MIB
qresync IMAP QRESYNC Extension
quis Quality Information Services
receipt Receipt Notifications for Internet Mail
repute Reputation Services
rescap Resource Capabilities Discovery
schema Schema Registration
sieve Sieve Mail Filtering Language
smtpext Internet Mail Extensions
spfbis SPF Update
tn3270e Telnet TN3270 Enhancements
telnet TELNET
tftpexts TFTP Extensions
tip Transaction Internet Protocol
trade Internet Open Trading Protocol
urc Uniform Resource Characteristics
uri Uniform Resource Identifiers
urlreg Uniform Resource Locator Registration Procedures
urn Uniform Resource Names
usefor Usenet Article Standard Update
vcarddav vCard and CardDAV
vpim Voice Profile for Internet Mail

Virtual World Region Agent Protocol (vwrap)

webdav WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning
webi Web Intermediaries
websec Web Security
weirds Web Extensible Internet Registration Data Service
wg-msg Mail and Messaging
whip Internet White Pages Requirements
widex Widget Description Exchange Service
wrec Web Replication and Caching
x400ops X.400 Operations
xmpp Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (closed in 2004)
yam Yet Another Mail

Applications and Real-Time Area

appsawg ART Area General Applications Working Group
arcmedia 'Archive' Top-Level Media Type
avtext Audio/Video Transport Extensions (avtext)
dbound Domain Boundaries
drinks Data for Reachability of Inter/tra-NetworK SIP
eppext Extensible Provisioning Protocol Extensions
geojson Geographic JSON
hybi BiDirectional or Server-Initiated HTTP
imapapnd IMAP APPEND Extensions
jsonbis Javascript Object Notation Update
justfont Font Top Level Media Type

Peer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol (p2psip)

precis Preparation and Comparison of Internationalized Strings
scim System for Cross-domain Identity Management
siprec SIP Recording
straw Sip Traversal Required for Applications to Work
tzdist Time Zone Data Distribution Service
urnbis Uniform Resource Names, Revised
webpush Web-Based Push Notifications
xmpp Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (re-opened in 2009, closed in 2015)

General Area


Acronym Name
ianaplan Planning for the IANA/NTIA Transition
icar Improved Cross-Area Review
ipr Intellectual Property Rights
newtrk New IETF Standards Track Discussion
nomcom Operation of the IESG/IAB Nominating and Recall Committees
poised Process for Organization of Internet Standards
poised95 Poised 95
Poisson Process for Organization of Internet Standards ONgoing
problem Problem Statement


Internet Area


Acronym Name
16ng IP over IEEE 802.16 Networks
6lowpan IPv6 over Low power WPAN
addrconf Address Autoconfiguration
ale Address Lifetime Expectations
ancp Access Node Control Protocol
appleip IP Over AppleTalk
autoconf Ad-Hoc Network Autoconfiguration
catnip Common Architecture for Next Generation IP
cip Connection IP
csi Cga & Send maIntenance

Detecting Network Attachment

dns Domain Name System
dnsext DNS Extensions
dnsind DNS IXFR, Notification, and Dynamic Update
eap Extensible Authentication Protocol
fddi IP Over FDDI
frnetmib Frame Relay Service MIB
hostreq Host Requirements
idn Internationalized Domain Name
ifmib Interfaces MIB
ion Internetworking Over NBMA
ip1394 IP Over IEEE 1394
ipae IP Address Encapsulation
ipatm IP Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ipdvb IP over DVB
ipfc IP over Fibre Channel
iplpdn IP Over Large Public Data Networks
ipoib IP over InfiniBand
iporpr IP over Resilient Packet Rings
ippcp IP Payload Compression Protocol
ipngwg IP Next Generation
ipv6 IP Version 6
ipv6mib IPv6 MIB
ipvbi IP over VBI
isdnmib ISDN MIB
itrace ICMP Traceback
magma Multicast & Anycast Group Membership
mif Multiple Interfaces
mip4 Mobility for IPv4
mip6 Mobility for IPv6
mipshop Mobility for IP: Performance, Signaling and Handoff Optimization
mmb Multi-Media Bridging
mobileip IP Routing for Wireless/Mobile Hosts
monami6 Mobile Nodes and Multiple Interfaces in IPv6
mpsnmp SNMP Over a Multi-Protocol Internet
mptrans Multiprotocol Transport
mtudisc IP MTU Discovery
multimob Multicast Mobility
nemo Network Mobility
netext Network-Based Mobility Extensions
netlmm Network-based Localized Mobility Management
pana Protocol for carrying Authentication for Network Access
pcc Performance and Congestion Control
pcp Port Control Protocol
pip P. Internet Protocol
pktway PacketWay
ppp Point-to-Point Protocol
pppext Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions
rdisc Router Discovery
send Securing Neighbor Discovery
shim6 Site Multihoming by IPv6 Intermediation
shr Special Host Requirements
sip-o Simple Internet Protocol
smds IP Over Switched Megabit Data Service
st2 Internet Stream Protocol V2
svrloc Service Location Protocol
tpix TP/IX
trunkmib DS1/DS3 MIB
tuba TCP/UDP Over CLNP-Addressed Networks
vgmib 100VG-AnyLAN MIB
zeroconf Zero Configuration Networking


IP: Next Generation Area


Acronym Name
sipp Simple Internet Protocol Plus


Network Management Area


Acronym Name
acct Internet Accounting
alertman Alert Management
charmib Character MIB
chassis Chassis MIB
decnetiv DECnet Phase IV MIB
ethermib Ethernet MIB
fddimib FDDI MIB
hostmib Host Resources MIB
lanman LAN Manager
modemmgt Modem Management
msi Management Services Interface
oim OSI Internet Management
rdbmsmib Relational Database Management Systems MIB
snmp Simple Network Management Protocol
snmpauth SNMP Authentication
snmpv2 SNMP Version 2
transmib Transmission Mib
trmon Token Ring Remote Monitoring
x25mib X.25 Management Information Base


Operational Requirements Area


Acronym Name
acct2 Internet Accounting 2
bgpdepl BGP Deployment and Application
cidrd CIDR Deployment
eii Emergency Information Infrastructure
gisd Generic Internet Service Description
ire Internet Registry Evolution
netstat Network Status Reports
newdom New Top Level Domains
njm Network Joint Management
noop Network OSI Operations
opstat Operational Statistics
snmp-ng SNMP - Next Generation
ucp User Connectivity


Operations and Management Area


Acronym Name
2000 The Internet and the Millennium Problem
6renum IPv6 Site Renumbering (
aaa Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
adslmib ADSL MIB
agentx SNMP Agent Extensibility
armd Address Resolution for Massive numbers of hosts in the Data center
atommib AToM MIB
bridge Bridge MIB
capwap Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points
disman Distributed Management
eman Energy Management
entmib Entity MIB
eos Evolution of SNMP
6bone IPv6 Backbone
grip G & R for Security Incident Processing
hubmib Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB
imss Internet and Management Support for Storage
ipcdn IP over Cable Data Network
ipfix IP Flow Information Export
l3sm L3VPN Service Model
lsd LDAP Service Deployment
multi6 Site Multihoming in IPv6
nasreq Network Access Server Requirements
ngtrans Next Generation Transition
pier Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering
pmol Performance Metrics for Other Layers
policy Policy Framework
psamp Packet Sampling
ptomaine Prefix Taxonomy Ongoing Measurement & Inter Network Experiment
ptopomib Physical Topology MIB
radius Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
rap Resource Allocation Protocol
rmonmib Remote Network Monitoring
roamops Roaming Operations
rps Routing Policy System
rwhois RWhois Operational Development
sming Next Generation Structure of Management Information
snmpconf Configuration Management with SNMP
snmpv3 SNMP Version 3
upsmib Uninterruptible Power Supply
wpkops Web PKI OPS


OSI Integration Area


Acronym Name
osigen OSI General
osinsap Assignment of OSI NSAP Addresses
osix400 OSI X.400
skinstak OSI Upper-Layer Communications for Applications
thinosi Minimal OSI Upper-Layers


Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area


Acronym Name
atoca Authority-to-Citizen Alert
avt Audio/Video Transport
bliss Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services
cuss Call Control UUI Service for SIP
dart DiffServ Applied to Real-time Transports
enum Telephone Number Mapping
geopriv Geographic Location/Privacy
ieprep Internet Emergency Preparedness
iptel IP Telephony
martini Multiple AoR reachabiliTy InformatioN Indication
mediactrl Media Server Control
megaco Media Gateway Control
salud Sip ALerting for User Devices
sigtran Signaling Transport
simple SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
sip Session Initiation Protocol
sipclf SIP Common Log Format
sipping Session Initiation Proposal Investigation
soc Sip Overload Control
speechsc Speech Services Control
speermint Session PEERing for Multimedia INTerconnect
splices looSely-couPLed sIp deviCES
vipr Verification Involving PSTN Reachability
xcon Centralized Conferencing


Routing Area


Acronym Name
bgp Border Gateway Protocol
bgmp Border Gateway Multicast Protocol
dlswmib Data Link Switching MIB
forces Forwarding and Control Element Separation
idmr Inter-Domain Multicast Routing
idpr Inter-Domain Policy Routing
ipidrp OSI IDRP for IP Over IP
karp Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols
l1vpn Layer 1 Virtual Private Networks
l2vpn Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks
l3vpn Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks
msdp Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
nimrod New Internet Routing and Addressing Architecture
odv Open Distance Vector IGP
pdnrout Private Data Network Routing
pwe3 Pseudowire Emulation Edge to Edge
qosr QoS Routing
rip Routing Information Protocol
ripv2 RIP Version II
rolc Routing over Large Clouds
rpsec Routing Protocol Security Requirements
rreq Router Requirements
sdr Source Demand Routing
snadlc SNA DLC Services MIB
snanau SNA NAU Services MIB
ssm Source-Specific Multicast
udlr UniDirectional Link Routing
vrrp Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol


Security Area


Acronym Name
aac Authorization and Access Control
abfab Application Bridging for Federated Access Beyond web

Authenticated Firewall Traversal


Better-Than-Nothing Security

cat Common Authentication Technology
cipso Commercial Internet Protocol Security Option
cose CBOR Object Signing and Encryption
dane DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities
dice DTLS In Constrained Environments
dkim Domain Keys Identified Mail
dnssec Domain Name System Security
emu EAP Method Update
enroll Credential and Provisioning
hokey Handover Keying
httpauth Hypertext Transfer Protocol Authentication
ident TCP Client Identity Protocol
idwg Intrusion Detection Exchange Format
inch Extended Incident Handling
ipauth IP Authentication
ipsec IP Security Protocol
ipseckey IPSEC KEYing information resource record
ipsp IP Security Policy
ipsra IP Security Remote Access
isms Integrated Security Model for SNMP
ispp Internet Secure Payments Protocol
jose Javascript Object Signing and Encryption
keyprov Provisioning of Symmetric Keys
kink Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys
krb-wg Kerberos
ltans Long-Term Archive and Notary Services
mobike IKEv2 Mobility and Multihoming
msec Multicast Security

Network Endpoint Assessment

openpgp Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy
openpgp (concluded 2017) Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy
otp One Time Password Authentication
pem Privacy-Enhanced Electronic Mail
pki4ipsec Profiling Use of PKI in IPSEC
pkix Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509)
sacred Securely Available Credentials
sasl Simple Authentication and Security Layer
secsh Secure Shell
smime S/MIME Mail Security
snmpsec SNMP Security
spki Simple Public Key Infrastructure
spwg Internet Security Policy
stime Secure Network Time Protocol
syslog Security Issues in Network Event Logging
tnfs Trusted Network File Systems
xmldsig XML Digital Signatures
wts Web Transaction Security


Sub-IP Area


Acronym Name
gsmp General Switch Management Protocol
ipo IP over Optical
ppvpn Provider Provisioned Virtual Private Networks
tewg Internet Traffic Engineering


Transport Area


Acronym Name
aqm Active Queue Management and Packet Scheduling
behave Behavior Engineering for Hindrance Avoidance
conex Congestion Exposure
dccp Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
decade Decoupled Application Data Enroute
diffserv Differentiated Services
ecm Endpoint Congestion Management
fecframe FEC Framework
imm Interactive Multimedia
intserv Integrated Services
issll Integrated Services over Specific Link Layers
ips IP Storage
ledbat Low Extra Delay Background Transport
malloc Multicast-Address Allocation
midcom Middlebox Communication
nat Network Address Translators
nsis Next Steps in Signaling
oncrpc ONC Remote Procedure Call
pcn Congestion and Pre-Congestion Notification (pcn)
pilc Performance Implications of Link Characteristics
pint PSTN and Internet Internetworking
pmtud Path MTU Discovery
ppsp Peer to Peer Streaming Protocol
rddp Remote Direct Data Placement
rmt Reliable Multicast Transport
rohc Robust Header Compression
rserpool Reliable Server Pooling
rsvp Resource Reservation Setup Protocol
rtfm Realtime Traffic Flow Measurement
seamoby Context Transfer, Handoff Candidate Discovery, and Dormant Mode Host Alerting
spirits Service in the PSTN/IN Requesting InTernet Service
storm STORage Maintenance
tcpimpl TCP Implementation
tcplw TCP Large Windows
tcpsat TCP Over Satellite


User Services Area


Acronym Name
arts The Arts: Sharing Center Stage on the Internet
disi Directory Information Services Infrastructure
fyiup FYI Updates
harts Humanities and Arts
iafa Internet Anonymous FTP Archives
iiir Integration of Internet Information Resources
isn Internet School Networking
iup Internet User Population
nir Networked Information Retrieval
nisi Network Information Services Infrastructure
noctool2 NOC-Tool Catalogue Revisions
noctools NOC-Tools
run Responsible Use of the Network
ssh Site Security Handbook
stdguide Guide for Internet Standards Writers
trainmat Network Training Materials
userdoc User Documents
userdoc2 User Documents Revisions
userglos Internet User Glossary
weird Web Elucidation of Internet-Related Developments
wnils Whois and Network Information Lookup Service
uswg User Services