Humanities and Arts (harts)

Status: Concluded August, 1997 
 Janet Max 
 Scott Stoner 
Description of Working Group:
In building a bridge between the Internet Engineering community and the
Humanities and Arts' Research and Engineering communities, the HARTS
Working Group has identified three goals to be pursued. The first goal
is development of a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding value
and role of the arts in the Internet. Tasks for this include
development of a document summarizing current issues regarding the arts
community Internet with an accompanying survey designed to identify
needs and concerns from the arts and humanities community. Survey
results will be used to develop the FAQ.
The second goal is to define tools for artists' organizations on the
Internet which will focus on creating, viewing, and storage formats for
arts humanities resources. This will include contributions regarding
text, sound, still and motion images. It will address different
operating systems, glossary of basic terminology and a bibliography.
The third goal is to further define issues surrounding copyright and
intellectual property, funding, and other support for arts humanities
participation and any other needs identified by the survey.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC2150 Humanities and Arts: Sharing Center Stage on the Internet (Informational)