Credential and Provisioning (enroll)

Last Modified: 2005-01-25


Paul Hoffman <>
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Description of Working Group:

There are many cases where a service consumer needs to contact a
service provider to get credentials that the consumer can use when
accessing the service; part of this initial contact may involve
the consumer and the provider mutually validating the other's
This working group will look at some of the cases where cryptography
is used to provide authentication.

When doing enrollment of a service consumer against a service
provider, three pieces of information need to be provided or created
order to support authentication of the service consumer to the service
provider (and visa versa) and to allow for additional security
to be provided any information exchanged. These pieces of data are:

1. An identifier, within a namespace controlled by the service
  provider, for the service consumer.
2. Keying information to be used for identity confirmation.
3. A set of service consumer permissions. These permissions
  describe to the provider the services that the consumer
  wants to access, and they describe to the consumer what
  services offered by the provider will be accessable.

Each of these data items could be created by either the consumer or
provider at any point during the enrollment process.

This group will create a model to be used in describing enrollment
procedures and create a document for a framework how this is to be
done. The group will then produce three documents profiling the use of
the framework for the following types of keying material:

      1. A shared secret key.
      2. A bare asymmetric key.
      3. A bound asymmetric key (such as an X.509 certificate).

As part of the validation of the framework, the group will examine how
other real world enrollment procedures could be profiled. For example,
credit card information might be part of the input to the enrollment

Goals and Milestones:

Sep 04    First WG draft of model document
Mar 05    First draft of profile document(s)
May 05    Last call on model document
Dec 05    Last call on profile document(s)

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