Electronic Data Interchange (edi)

Status: Concluded July, 1995 
 Dave Crocker 
Description of Working Group:
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a set of protocols for conducting
highly structured inter-organization exchanges, such as for making
purchases.  The working group will produce specifications for the use
of EDI standards over the Internet, with an initial focus on the
transport of EDI via Internet e-mail.  The EDI community is large,
diverse and well-established.  This working group effort is explicitly
NOT intending to specify or modify any of the details of EDI protocols
themselves.  Instead, it will focus on the requirements for proper
carriage of EDI over the Internet, attending only to issues of
encapsulation, addressing, security and the like.
Initial efforts by the working group will focus on two deliverables:
specification for the carriage of various EDI content via MIME-based
e-mail, and a discussion document, considering issues in the use of
EDI over the Internet.  The usage document will cover such issues as
addressing and security.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC1767 MIME Encapsulation of EDI Objects (Proposed Standard)
  • RFC1865 EDI Meets the Internet: Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) on the Internet (Informational)