Extensible Authentication Protocol (eap)

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Last Modified: 2007-08-15

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General Discussion: eap@frascone.com
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Archive: http://mail.frascone.com/pipermail/eap/

Description of Working Group:

The EAP working group will restrict itself to the following work items
in order to fully document and improve the interoperability of the
existing EAP protocol:

1. IANA considerations for EAP.
2. Type space extension to support an expanded Type space.
3. EAP usage model.
4. Threat model and security requirements.
5. Documentation of interaction between EAP and other layers.
6. Resolution of interoperability issues.
7. EAP state machine.
8. EAP keying framework.
9. EAP network selection problem definition

Items 1-6 were included within RFC 3748. Items 7-9 will be handled
as separate documents.

While the EAP WG is not currently chartered to standardize EAP
methods, with the publication of RFC 3748, the EAP WG will
assume responsibility for review of EAP methods requesting
a Type code allocation, as specified in the IANA considerations
section of RFC 3748.

When the current work items are completed, the WG may be
rechartered, or a new WG may be formed to standardize methods.

Goals and Milestones:

Done    RFC 2284bis submitted for publication as a Proposed Standard
Done    RFC 3748 published
Done    EAP state machine document submitted for publication as an Informational RFC
Done    EAP Keying Framework document submitted for publication as an Informational RFC
Done    EAP Network Selection Problem Definition document submitted as an Informational RFC


Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Key Management Framework (190716 bytes)

Request For Comments:

Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) (RFC 3748) (157994 bytes) obsoletes RFC 2284
State Machines for Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Peer and Authenticator (RFC 4137) (105781 bytes)
Network Discovery and Selection Problem (RFC 5113) (93250 bytes)