Detailed Revision/Update of Message Standards (drums)

Status: Concluded April, 2001
 Chris Newman

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Description of Working Group: The goal of this working group is to develop and review revised versions of RFC 821 and RFC 822, incorporating the revisions in RFC 974, RFC 1123, and RFC 1651. In addition, the group will review other RFCs related to messaging, and determine the applicability of each of these to the future direction of the messaging in the Internet. The group may choose to incorporate, deprecate, or write applicability statements for such documents, as necessary to produce a clear statement of requirements for overall interoperability of Internet electronic mail. The documents produced by the working group are intended to be submitted to the IESG for consideration as Internet Standards. Items appropriate for inclusion in documents produced by the working group include corrections, clarifications, and amplifications to reflect existing practice or to address problems which have been identified through experience with Internet mail protocols. New functionality is expressly inappropriate.

Request for Comments:

  • RFC 2234 Augmented BNF for Syntax Specifications: ABNF (Proposed)
  • RFC 2821 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Proposed)
  • RFC 2822 Internet Message Format (Proposed)