DiffServ Applied to Real-time Transports (dart)

Last modified: 2014-11-13


Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area Advisor

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Description of Working Group:

Differentiated Services (DiffServ) and DiffServ code points (DSCP) can be used in some situations to provide quality of service (QoS). Packets with different markings can be reordered, which can cause poor interaction with a transport protocol that is sensitive to reordering. When RTP streams or other real-time media (sub-)flows are used with different DSCP values with the same transport 5-tuple, there may be transport protocol interactions. There are also environments where the DSCP markings are removed or remarked.

This WG will write a document that explains the limitations that exist with DiffServ when used with RTP in general as well in the specific RTCWeb cases. The WG will coordinate with relevant WGs, including TSVWG, AVTCORE, MMUSIC, CLUE, RTCWEB, and RMCAT.

Goals and Milestones

Send Informational draft to IESG on DiffServ usage consideration


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