Distributed Scheduling Protocol (chronos)

Status: Concluded August, 1992 
 Paul Linder 
Description of Working Group:
The Chronos protocol Working Group is chartered to define a
protocol for the management of calendars, appointments and schedules
over the Internet.  In defining this protocol, several questions must
be addressed.  The role of the calendar administrator must be defined.
Differing levels of security need to be specified to allow maximum
functionality yet still allow privacy and flexibility.  The scope of
the protocol should also be evaluated; how much burden should we put
on the server, on the client?  Additionally the behavior of multiple
chronos servers must be analyzed.
This protocol should be able to be developed and stabilized
within 6-8 months, since there is already a draft specification to work
from.  The process is subject to extension if many new features are
added, or more revision is needed.