Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services (bliss)

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The BLISS working group is rechartered to adjust its scope to reflect changes in working group interest and RAI processes since its original chartering.

BLISS was chartered prior to the creation of DISPATCH. The charter called for the WG to document how to realize four initial building blocks in an interoperable way with existing standards, and to describe the use of those building blocks to implement specific call features. Any extensions to the protocols beyond the creation of event packages or the addition of SIP URI parameters was set out of scope for this working group.

Working group interest in all but two of those building blocks has diminished. The current drafts on those two propose extensions that under the original charter would need to be developed in other working groups. Given the update to the SIP change process (RFC5727) and the subsequent restructuring of the RAI area, these constraints are being revised as detailed below.

The BLISS working group shall be closed after completing the following two proposed standards:
- call completion with queuing as proposed in draft-ietf-bliss-call-completion
- shared appearances as proposed in draft-ietf-bliss-shared-appearances

The goal to produce a problem statement and a common template for describing primitives is abandoned.

The group will continue to work within the constraints of the creation of event packages and SIP URI parameters, with the addition of the ability to

- exercise the already standardized extension points of SIP header fields. Currently, the documents propose to extend the SIP Alert-Info header field (RFC3261) to carry an appearance identifier, and the SIP Call-Info header field (RFC3261) to carry a call completion indicator.

- extend the SIP Dialog event package (RFC4235) to carry appearance related state,

The working group will coordinate review of those extensions with the SIPCORE working group.

Describing the security properties (particularly any privacy considerations) of these deliverables remains of special importance.

Upon completion of these two work items, the working group will conclude. Future proposals should be directed to the DISPATCH working group.

Goals and Milestones

Mar 2012 Submit Shared Appearances to the IESG for publication as Proposed Standard
Jul 2012 Submit Call Completion to the IESG for publication as Proposed Standard
Sep 2012 Bliss concludes


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