Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (beep)

Status: Concluded 24-Mar-02


Pete Resnick <>

Applications Area Director(s):

Ned Freed <>
Patrik Faltstrom <>

Applications Area Advisor:

Ned Freed <>

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Description of Working Group:

The IETF BEEP working group shall develop a standards-track application protocol framework for connection-oriented, asynchronous request/response interactions.

The framework must permit multiplexing of independent request/response streams over a single transport conneciton, supporting both textual and binary messages.

The working group will use BXXP (as described in draft-mrose-bxxp-framework and draft-mrose-bxxp-tcpmapping) as its starting point. Although not encouraged, non-backwards-compatible changes to BXXP will be acceptable if the working group determines that the changes are required to meet the group's technical objectives and the group clearly documents the reasons for making them.

Goals and Milestones:

Done &nbsp&nbsp Prepare updated specification reflecting issues and solutions identified by the working group
Done &nbsp&nbsp Discuss and revise Internet-Draft at the Pittsburgh IETF
Done &nbsp&nbsp Submit revised specification to the IESG for consideration as a standards-track publication.

No Current Internet-Drafts

Request For Comments:

Mapping the BEEP Core onto TCP (RFC 3081) (14008 bytes)
The Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol Core (RFC 3080) (82089 bytes)