'Archive' Top-Level Media Type (arcmedia)

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Applications and Real-Time Area Director

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General Discussion: arcmedia@ietf.org
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Description of Working Group:

Archive formats are used to aggregate multiple files and other data into a single object, often with data compression and/or confidentiality protection (encryption). This working group will create an "archive" top-level media type.

There has been recent work to register media types for archive formats such as .tar (a POSIX standard format). There are already several similar media types for archive formats, such as .gzip. and .zip. (see, for example, RFC6713), all of which are registered under the top-level media type "application".

We create top-level media types only rarely, only with Standards Track RFCs, and only when one or more media types get special (or common, in the case of more than one) handling that does not fit under an existing top-level media type. RFC6838 defines this process.

The working group will use draft-seantek-kerwin-arcmedia-type as its initial input for a Standards Track document that creates a top-level media type for archive formats. The document will specify rules for registering subtypes under that new top-level type, considering at a minimum the issue of type suffixes, fragment identifiers, and internationalization. The W3C TAG work on packaging and archives, currently in progress, will also be considered.

Either in that same document or in one of more follow-on documents, it will produce an initial set of registrations under the new top-level media type.

The main document will include an Implementation Status section, described by RFC6982, to record known projects that will either produce or consume content using the new media type. If by the first milestone there appears to be no implementations of the new media type expected, the working group will conclude, without having produced any RFCs.

No other work is in scope for this working group.

Goals and Milestones

Dec 2015 Registrations document(s) (if separate from the base)
Jun 2015 Base document

No Internet-Drafts

No Request for Comments

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