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At IETF 100 WG Chairs will have the ability to organize sessions focused on running code in an effort to diversify the type of work that happens during IETF meetings. This will allow for groups to informally meet to brainstorm, code, and test ideas in the Code Lounge, a portion of the IETF lounge set aside for such activities. The area will be designated by signage.

WG Chairs are encouraged to look at the final agenda and determine timeslots that have the least conflict to ensure successful attendance to the Code Lounge sessions as well as any traditional working group sessions. It is okay for multiple WG chairs to sign up for the same timeslots. This is in fact encouraged for work that spans multiple WGs.

Please sign up for a timeslot below by entering your WG acronym.

Monday 13 Tuesday 14 Wednesday 15 Thursday 16 Friday 17
14:00 – Lounge Closed –
16:00 DNS DNS – Lounge Closed –
18:00 – Lounge Closed –
20:00 DPRIVE – Lounge Closed –
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