IETF 89 Proceedings

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IETF Progress Report

03-November-13 to 02-March-14

   125 IESG Protocol and Document Actions this period
   96 IESG Last Calls issued to the IETF this period

   520 New I-Ds (118 of which were updated, some (32) more than once)
   1187 I-Ds were updated (Some more than once)

   In the final 4 weeks before meeting
   229 New I-Ds were received - 44% of total newbies since last meeting
   596 I-Ds were updated - 50% of total updated since last meeting

5 New Working Group(s) formed this period

   Using TLS in Applications (uta)
   Extensible Provisioning Protocol Extensions (eppext)
   Service Function Chaining (sfc)
   Public Notary Transparency (trans)
   TURN Revised and Modernized (tram)

4 Working Group(s) concluded this period

   Reputation Services (repute)
   ADSL MIB (adslmib)
   IPv6 over Low power WPAN (6lowpan)
   Verification Involving PSTN Reachability (vipr)

91 RFCs published this period

35 Standards Track; 6 BCP; 4 Experimental; 46 Informational

RFC7137 E (ospf) February 2014 Use of the OSPF-MANET Interface in Single-Hop Broadcast Networks
RFC7141 BCP (tsvwg) February 2014 Byte and Packet Congestion Notification
RFC7142 I (isis) February 2014 Reclassification of RFC 1142 to Historic
RFC7132 I (sidr) February 2014 Threat Model for BGP Path Security
RFC7128 I (sidr) February 2014 Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Router Implementation Report
RFC7124 PS (opsawg) February 2014 Ethernet in the First Mile Copper (EFMCu) Interfaces MIB
RFC7130 PS (bfd) February 2014 Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) on Link Aggregation Group (LAG) Interfaces
RFC7129 I (none) February 2014 Authenticated Denial of Existence in the DNS
RFC7119 PS (ipfix) February 2014 Operation of the IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Protocol on IPFIX Mediators
RFC7116 I (none) February 2014 Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP), Compressed Bundle Header Encoding (CBHE), and Bundle Protocol IANA Registries
RFC7125 I (ops) February 2014 Revision of the tcpControlBits IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Information Element
RFC7121 PS (forces) February 2014 High Availability within a Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Network Element
RFC7117 PS (l2vpn) February 2014 Multicast in Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
RFC7113 I (v6ops) February 2014 Implementation Advice for IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard (RA-Guard)
RFC7136 PS (6man) February 2014 Significance of IPv6 Interface Identifiers
RFC7126 BCP (opsec) February 2014 Recommendations on Filtering of IPv4 Packets Containing IPv4 Options
RFC7123 I (opsec) February 2014 Security Implications of IPv6 on IPv4 Networks
RFC7088 I (none) February 2014 Session Initiation Protocol Service Example -- Music on Hold
RFC7109 E (none) February 2014 Flow Bindings Initiated by Home Agents for Mobile IPv6
RFC7044 PS (sipcore) February 2014 An Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Request History Information
RFC7114 PS (sec) January 2014 Creation of a Registry for smime-type Parameter Values
RFC7127 BCP (gen) January 2014 Characterization of Proposed Standards
RFC7118 PS (sipcore) January 2014 The WebSocket Protocol as a Transport for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
RFC7112 PS (6man) January 2014 Implications of Oversized IPv6 Header Chains
RFC7120 BCP (none) January 2014 Early IANA Allocation of Standards Track Code Points
RFC7110 PS (mpls) January 2014 Return Path Specified Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping
RFC7107 I (sec) January 2014 Object Identifier Registry for the S/MIME Mail Security Working Group
RFC7102 I (roll) January 2014 Terms Used in Routing for Low-Power and Lossy Networks
RFC7106 I (rai) January 2014 A Group Text Chat Purpose for Conference and Service URIs in the SIP Event Package for Conference State
RFC7104 PS (mmusic) January 2014 Duplication Grouping Semantics in the Session Description Protocol
RFC7086 E (hip) January 2014 Host Identity Protocol-Based Overlay Networking Environment (HIP BONE) Instance Specification for REsource LOcation And Discovery (RELOAD)
RFC6940 PS (p2psip) January 2014 REsource LOcation And Discovery (RELOAD) Base Protocol
RFC7111 I (none) January 2014 URI Fragment Identifiers for the text/csv Media Type
RFC7098 I (intarea) January 2014 Using the IPv6 Flow Label for Load Balancing in Server Farms
RFC7094 I (iab) January 2014 Architectural Considerations of IP Anycast
RFC7105 PS (geopriv) January 2014 Using Device-Provided Location-Related Measurements in Location Configuration Protocols
RFC7096 I (ccamp) January 2014 Evaluation of Existing GMPLS Encoding against G.709v3 Optical Transport Networks (OTNs)
RFC7115 BCP (sidr) January 2014 Origin Validation Operation Based on the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
RFC7108 I (none) January 2014 A Summary of Various Mechanisms Deployed at L-Root for the Identification of Anycast Nodes
RFC7103 I (appsawg) January 2014 Advice for Safe Handling of Malformed Messages
RFC7095 PS (jcardcal) January 2014 jCard: The JSON Format for vCard
RFC7097 PS (xrblock) January 2014 RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Report (XR) for RLE of Discarded Packets
RFC7078 PS (6man) January 2014 Distributing Address Selection Policy Using DHCPv6
RFC7048 PS (6man) January 2014 Neighbor Unreachability Detection Is Too Impatient
RFC7057 PS (abfab) December 2013 Update to the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Applicability Statement for Application Bridging for Federated Access Beyond Web (ABFAB)
RFC7056 PS (abfab) December 2013 Name Attributes for the GSS-API Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Mechanism
RFC7055 PS (abfab) December 2013 A GSS-API Mechanism for the Extensible Authentication Protocol
RFC7093 I (none) December 2013 Additional Methods for Generating Key Identifiers Values
RFC7092 I (straw) December 2013 A Taxonomy of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Back-to-Back User Agents
RFC7089 I (none) December 2013 HTTP Framework for Time-Based Access to Resource States -- Memento
RFC7080 I (l2vpn) December 2013 Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Interoperability with Provider Backbone Bridges
RFC7091 I (none) December 2013 GOST R 34.10-2012: Digital Signature Algorithm
RFC7087 I (mpls) December 2013 A Thesaurus for the Interpretation of Terminology Used in MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Internet-Drafts and RFCs in the Context of the ITU-T's Transport Network Recommendations
RFC7047 I (none) December 2013 The Open vSwitch Database Management Protocol
RFC7046 E (samrg) December 2013 A Common API for Transparent Hybrid Multicast
RFC7063 I (pim) December 2013 Survey Report on Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) Implementations and Deployments
RFC7045 PS (6man) December 2013 Transmission and Processing of IPv6 Extension Headers
RFC7101 I (none) December 2013 List of Internet Official Protocol Standards: Replaced by a Web Page
RFC7100 BCP (gen) December 2013 Retirement of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" Summary Document
RFC7085 I (none) December 2013 Top-Level Domains That Are Already Dotless
RFC7082 I (none) December 2013 Indication of Conference Focus Support for the Centralized Conferencing Manipulation Protocol (CCMP)
RFC7081 I (none) November 2013 CUSAX: Combined Use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)
RFC7079 I (pwe3) November 2013 The Pseudowire (PW) and Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification (VCCV) Implementation Survey Results
RFC7077 PS (netext) November 2013 Update Notifications for Proxy Mobile IPv6
RFC7069 I (none) November 2013 DECoupled Application Data Enroute (DECADE)
RFC7059 I (none) November 2013 A Comparison of IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnel Mechanisms
RFC7016 I (tsv) November 2013 Adobe's Secure Real-Time Media Flow Protocol
RFC7067 I (trill) November 2013 Directory Assistance Problem and High-Level Design Proposal
RFC7060 PS (mpls) November 2013 Using LDP Multipoint Extensions on Targeted LDP Sessions
RFC7041 I (l2vpn) November 2013 Extensions to the Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Provider Edge (PE) Model for Provider Backbone Bridging
RFC7065 PS (rai) November 2013 Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) Uniform Resource Identifiers
RFC7084 I (v6ops) November 2013 Basic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers
RFC7083 PS (dhc) November 2013 Modification to Default Values of SOL_MAX_RT and INF_MAX_RT
RFC7076 I (none) November 2013 P6R's Secure Shell Public Key Subsystem
RFC7075 PS (dime) November 2013 Realm-Based Redirection In Diameter
RFC7064 PS (rai) November 2013 URI Scheme for the Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) Protocol
RFC7073 PS (repute) November 2013 A Reputation Response Set for Email Identifiers
RFC7072 PS (repute) November 2013 A Reputation Query Protocol
RFC7071 PS (repute) November 2013 A Media Type for Reputation Interchange
RFC7070 PS (repute) November 2013 An Architecture for Reputation Reporting
RFC7074 PS (ccamp) November 2013 Revised Definition of the GMPLS Switching Capability and Type Fields
RFC7068 I (dime) November 2013 Diameter Overload Control Requirements
RFC7062 I (ccamp) November 2013 Framework for GMPLS and PCE Control of G.709 Optical Transport Networks
RFC7061 I (none) November 2013 eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) XML Media Type
RFC7058 I (mediactrl) November 2013 Media Control Channel Framework (CFW) Call Flow Examples
RFC7054 I (mpls) November 2013 Addressing Requirements and Design Considerations for Per-Interface Maintenance Entity Group Intermediate Points (MIPs)
RFC7040 I (softwire) November 2013 Public IPv4-over-IPv6 Access Network
RFC7066 I (v6ops) November 2013 IPv6 for Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Cellular Hosts
RFC7053 PS (tsvwg) November 2013 SACK-IMMEDIATELY Extension for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol
RFC7051 I (behave) November 2013 Analysis of Solution Proposals for Hosts to Learn NAT64 Prefix
RFC7050 PS (behave) November 2013 Discovery of the IPv6 Prefix Used for IPv6 Address Synthesis