IETF 97 - Local Letters of Invitation

Seoul, South Korea
November 13-18, 2016

After you complete the registration process, you may request an electronic IETF letter and local letter of invitation.

You may request one at a later time by following the link provided in the confirmation email.

Please note that hard copy local letters of invitation for inclusion with Visa applications require a notary fee of $20 USD and a courier charge of up to $50 USD.

Please note the following:

  1. Citizens of many countries may not need a visa to enter South Korea. More information on Korean visa application may be found here:
  2. For those who need a Visa, the applicant is advised to first consult the Korean Consulate or Embassy in his/her country whether the LOI should be notarised.
  3. If you require a notarized Letter of Invitation, please complete the form linked through your registration confirmation email. There is a $20 USD fee for each notarized letter and an additional $50 USD fee if you require the letter to be expedited. Your request is processed immediately upon payment.
  4. Letters sent via regular mail are typically received in 10-20 days of request. Expedited letters are typically received in 3-4 days from request. Please plan accordingly.