IETF 90 - Thursday Lunch Speaker Series


NOTE: For those interested in grab-n-go lunch, York's Cafe will extend their hours and stay open until 12:30pm. You can preview their menu here. York’s Café is located on the Avenues Level of the Fairmont Hotel. It is the “A” button in the Elevator and is 1 floor below the Main Lobby. The Café is on the East Side of the Hotel.

Topic: 5G


Discussions on fifth generation (5g) wireless access has rapidly intensified during the latest two years. 5G wireless access is seen as the long-term enabler of the overall networked society, not only providing enhanced mobile broadband access but being a tool to provide wireless connectivity for any kind of application.

This speech will provide an overview of the state of 5G efforts around the world. We will discuss the specific requirements and challenges being identified for 5G wireless access and the different technology
components and alternatives being considered. We will also outline possible time schedule for 5G in ITU and 3GPP.

Biography of speaker:

Erik Dahlman Erik Dahlman received the Master of Science degree and Doctor of Technology degree from the RoyalInstitute of Technology, Stockholm in1987 and 1992 respectively. He is currently Senior Expert in RadioAccess Technologies within Ericsson Research. Erik Dahlman was deeply involved in the development and standardization of 3G radio access technologies (WCDMA and HSPA), first in Japan and later within the global 3GPP standardization body. Later on he was involved in the standardization/development of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) and its continued evolution. His currently focuses on research and development of future 5G wireless access technologies.

Erik Dahlman is the co-author of the book 3G Evolution – HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband and its follow-up 4G – LTE and LTE-Advanced for mobile broadband. He has also participated in three other books within the area of wireless communication, as well as numerous journal papers and conference contributions. He is a frequent invited speaker at different international conferences and holds more than 100 patents within the area of mobile communication.

In October 2009, Erik Dahlman received the Major Technical Award, an award handed out by the Swedish Government, for his contributions to the technical and commercial success of the HSPA radio-access technology.