Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) and Bits-n-Bites: What's the Connection?

The arrival of Things connected to the Internet in recent years has given lifeto new applications in both the consumer and industrial market segments. We are surrounded by products that utilize connectivity and agrowing enthusiasm suggests imminent and impressive deployments: billions of new connected devices are expected by year 2020.  In the industrial world, wide spread wireless sensoring devices that collect data and measurements will move us into the next phase of process optimization. This will require the combination of the best of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), forming the IT/OT convergence.

When deploying multi-stage Thing topologies, two trends compete: IP protocols are enhanced and transformed into less end-to-end protocols (address translation, header compression, 'mesh under' routing and more) and, alternatively, existing IP protocols are reduced to their bare minimum such as to fit in reduced Things (reduced CPU frequency and number of transistors, dimensions and energy consumption).

The IETF invites you and your organization to demonstrate IoT concepts and implementations at the upcoming IETF meeting in Toronto, Canada. The demonstrations should exhibit recent developments of IP protocols for IoT networks (6lowpan adaptation layers, MANET and RPL routing protocols, 6tsch time-constrained communications, CoAP app-layer protocols) as well as demonstrations of the tendency of bringing the known IPv6 as close as possible to the Thing - minimum set of unmodified IPv6, Neighbor Discovery, DHCP, HTTP, IKEv2.

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Participate in IETF 90 Bits-n-Bites

Does your company want to reach 1,200 Internet engineers and demonstrate your IoT technologies and usage of IETF protocols? This is your opportunity to show leading industry professionals the latest and greatest of what you do in a social and interactive setting.

Possible Demos Include:

  • home automation controller using SNMP for HVAC and ambient temperature, electricity counter
  • industrial-grade Wireless Sensor Network products
  • scalable wireless designs and existing deployments
  • IPv6 end-to-end and backbone interconnection
  • tablet summarizing status of widespread devices through heterogeneous link connections.
  • smart belt collecting body information with low-energy communication protocols.
  • vehicle interior connected designs, vehicle-to-road sensor-based communications.
  • sensor-assisted autonomous mobile Things (mono-, bi-, quad- wheeled or propelled devices).

Each exhibitor table will include:

  • Electricity
  • Access to the IETF wireless network
  • A table (minimum 6')

Additional Benefits

  • Two (2) complimentary registrations to the IETF meeting
  • Signage at the event
  • Logo on the IETF meeting website
  • Logo and recognition in the IETF program
  • Acknowledgement at the plenary and in the proceedings of the meeting

Contribution: $10,000