IETF 88 - Things to Note

Vancouver, BC, Canada
November 3 - November 8, 2013

  1. Elevators at the Hyatt
  2. Power
  3. Meeting Wiki

1. Elevators at the Hyatt

Elevators - Port Technology

2. Power Adapters

3. Meeting Wiki

The IETF 88 meeting wiki (Your Wiki) has been created for the attendees of IETF 88 meeting to exchange information.

Your IETF 88 (Vancouver) wiki can be found here:
and is also accessible from the Vancouver meeting page on the IETF website.

If you are registered for IETF 88, a user account has been automatically created for you on this Wiki. Your user name is the email address you registered under, and your initial password is your 10 digit confirmation number. You can change your password in your profile settings.