IETF 88 - Thursday Lunch Speaker Series

Topic: Implications of “Network Functions Virtualisation”

Description: ETSI’s NFV initiative is tackling the virtualization of network appliances such as firewalls, NATs, load balancers, and beyond. Driven by the top 25 telecom operators, it promises a radical change to network deployments. This session provides an introduction to NFV, its motivations, the concepts behind “virtual network functions” and examines the implications for the underlying infrastructure network layer.

Serge Manning, Corporate Standards, Huawei (Moderator)
Diego R. Lopez, Global CTO Office, Telefonica
Evelyne Roch, Central Research, Huawei
Steven Wright, Standards & Industry Alliances, AT&T

Serge Manning, Corporate Standards, Huawei (Moderator)

  Room: Regency D
  Thursday, 7 November 2013
  Time: 12:00 – 12:45
  Lunch will NOT be provided.

Biographies of Speakers:

Serge ManningSerge Manning, Corporate Standards, Huawei (Moderator)
During his 20 years in telecommunications, Dr. Serge Manning has been part of both the vendor and operator communities contributing to software development, systems architecture, technical standards, and technology evaluation. Today as part of Huawei’s North American Corporate Standards, he is involved with standards and technologies for Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Software Defined Networks. He is currently the Co-Chair of the ATIS SDN Focus Group and the Vice-chair of the Open Networking Forum’s Wireless & Mobile SDN Discussion Group.

Diego LopezDiego R. Lopez, Global CTO Office, Telefonica

Diego R. Lopez is in charge of the Technology Exploration activities within the GCTO Unit of Telefónica I+D. Diego is currently focused on identifying and evaluating new opportunities in technologies applicable to network infrastructures, and the coordination of international collaboration activities. His current interests are related to network infrastructural services, new network architectures, and network programmability and virtualization. He is acting as Technical Manager of the NFV ISG.

Evelyne RochEvelyne Roch, Central Research, Huawei
Evelyne Roch is a researcher at Huawei Technologies in the areas of Network Functions Virtualization and Software Defined Networking. She is the NFV Infrastructure Network Rapporteur. Prior to joining Huawei, she worked for Nortel and Ciena as a software and systems engineer, implementing GMPLS/RSVP-TE for DWDM, SONET and Ethernet switching equipment and leading interoperability testing in multi-vendor environments.

Steven WrightSteven Wright, Standards & Industry Alliances, AT&T
Dr Wright has been the chair of the INF WG at the ETIS NFV ISG since its inception. His career, spanning 30+ years in the communications industry in 4 different countries, has involved a number of roles in research, development, program management, product management and university faculty; and resulted in 30+ patents and a number of diverse publications.