IETF 84 - Social Event

Hosted by:


Location: Telus World of Science
1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC Canada

Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time: 19:00 - 23:00 hours

Getting there: World of Science is easily accessible via rail system SkyTrain from Burrad St (at Hyatt) - take SkyTrain EXPO Line to King George, exit at Main Street/Science World SkyTrain Station. Approximately a 4 minute ride. 

Cost: $25 USD per person.

Availability: Open to all!!


Telus World of Science - Science World has recently completed a $35-million renovation at its False Creek facility, adding 30,000 square feet of space, a green roof, and many energy‐efficient initiatives with lots of hands-on exhibits.

Science World is home to five permanent galleries: the Eureka! Gallery, the Sara Stern Search Gallery, the Kidspace Gallery, the Our World Gallery, and Illusions. It also boasts a feature gallery for special exhibitions.

Both the 11,000 square-foot Eureka! Gallery and the facility’s new green roof provide incredible views of False Creek and the city skyline. Experiment with water, light, sound, air and motion among the colourful and lively exhibits in Eureka! Hands-on fun encourages visitors to ask "what would happen if...?" Home to the popular water table with launchable balls, Eureka! is a place where you can also launch a parachute, spin on a rotating platform, and capture your shadow.  Eureka! is also home to the Engineering Lab by the James Dyson Foundation.

Experience Da Vinci - The Genius, the most comprehensive exhibition ever compiled on the works of Leonardo da Vinci. This 10,000-square-foot exhibition features a vast array of full-scale machine inventions crafted from da Vinci's personal notebooks; amazing anatomical sketches; reproductions of his most famous Renaissance art examined in extraordinary detail, including the Mona Lisa and the Virgin of the Rocks; and three-dimensional interactive presentations of the Last Supper and the Vitruvian Man. 

In addition guests will enjoy a showing at the famous OMNIMAX® Theatre. It boasts a five-story high dome screen with an IMAX projection and surround sound.

Food and Beverage:  Lots of local cuisine available to suit various dietary choices. Buffet dinner and beverage service.

To purchase, click HERE, and as well as on-site at the IETF registration desk.

Note: You must first register for IETF 84 to purchase a social ticket.