IETF 83 T-Shirt Design Contest

With no Host for the IETF 83, the IAOC decided to conduct a T-Shirt Design Contest to develop a unique t-shirt for the Paris meeting. The community submitted designs and voted for their favorite. 

And the winner is...

Rosita Pin

We are excited to announce that Submission 3 is the winner of the IETF 83 t-shirt contest!  Thank you to everyone who submitted designs and voted. 

Purchasing a T-Shirt:

You will need your confirmation number to purchase a t-shirt.  If you do not have your confirmation number, you can retrieve it here.

Buy Now! 

T-shirt purchasing is open.  NOTE: The t-shirt purchasing system will close at 23:00 PT on March 6th to allow for production. 

We have arranged for shirts to be produced in Paris and are taking orders via an online system prior to the meeting. T-shirts will cost $15. While we may have a small number of additional shirts available for purchase onsite, attendees should not depend on that possibility.

Note that we will only be able to sell t-shirts to actual IETF 83 attendees. The t-shirts are going to be printed in Paris, and carrying them back and then shipping them (or shipping them from Paris) would be costly and difficult.

Also, in the interest of expediency, the system used to purchase t-shirts will be very similar to our social event ticket system. Because of the way the system works, only people who have registered for the meeting will be able to purchase a t-shirt -- they will need their registration number, just as they do when they purchase a social ticket.