Network & Terminal Room Information for IETF 76

Network Basics

The IETF 76 network connects to the Internet via a GE circuit through Japanese R&E NWs, IXs and Japanese major ISPs. The meeting and overflow hotels are covered by and 2001:dfb::/32.


An 802.11 a/b/g wireless network is being provided liberally in the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima. The areas being specifically covered are the meeting rooms and hallways in the conference area, the main lobby, 7th floor meeting rooms and 22nd floor meeting rooms.

To use this network, associate with the beaconed SSID of "ietf" for 802.11b/g and 802.11a/n and "ietf-a" for 802.11a/n. WPA2-AES-PSK is also provided both 802.11b/g and 802.11a/n "ietf.wpa" and 802.11a/n "ietf-a.wpa" with "hiroshimaJAPAN" as the wpa-passphrase.

The proper operation of the wireless network requires the assistance of all users. Once of the most significant issues with wireless performance in past IETF meetings has been wireless clients automatically, or accidentally initiating "ad-hoc" networks that act as the official IETF network, causeing other users to associate with false IETF wireless networks. Therefore, please disable your client's ability to create an ad-hoc network and as well the ability to automatically join an ad-hoc network. If you are using Windows XP or Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5 to manage your wireless client, the instructions to disable creation of ad-hoc networks are listed below. If you are using other systems, please do whatever your particular wireless client management system requires to turn off ad-hoc networks.

  • Instructions for Mac OS X
    • Open System Preferences => Network => Airport => Options and un-chec the box for "Create Computer-to-Computer networks."
  • Instructions for Windows XP
    • Open Properties => wireless networks => advanced and then select "access point (infrastructure) networks only" and unselect "automatically connect to non-preferred networks."

Guest Rooms in the Venua and Overflow Hotels

The IETF 76 network is also provided in your Internet room access at all IETF hotels (ANA, Sun Route, Mitsui Garden, Oriental, Rihga Royal and Granvia), both IPv4 and IPv6 identical to the conference area. The hotel network will be rolled back to original configurations between 11am and 2pm on November 13th, Friday.

Terminal Rooms

There are two terminal rooms - Matsu room and Wedding Hall both on the 4th floor of the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Hiroshima. There are approximately 24 seats in Matsu room and 36 seats in Wedding Hall with wired 10/100/1000 Ethernet access access and 100V/60Hz Japanese (power outlet is same as North American type) power outlets. No food or drink in the terminal rooms, please!

While Matsu room is open 24 hours a day until 5pm on Friday, November 13th, Wedding Hall is open only from 8am to 8pm and available until noon on Friday, November 13th. In Matsu room there is a monochrome and a color laser printer. They are IPv6 readt.

A help desk is being provided from 8am to 8pm every day in Wedding Hall.


If you need to report a problem to the NOC, either stop by the help desk located in Wedding Hall terminal room, or send an email to and the Jabber room at


Two IPv6 enabled printers are located in the Terminal Rooms (one for each room). The printers themselves are RICOH Aficio SP 4210 (monochrome; in Wedding Hall) and RICOH Aficio SP C820 (color; in Matsu room) which are Postscript capable and have the duplex option installed. The printers are available via LPD and IPP. The paper size is A4 only, and any letter size printing may result in A4 output. Detailed printing instructions will be available in each terminal room.


The following network services are provided:

STMP (IPv4:; IPv6 2001:dfb:0:8::25) SMTP relay services are provided for users on the UETF network.

NTP (IPv4:; IPv6: 2001:dfb:0:8::123) Stratum 2 time services is provided via IPv4 and IPv6 unicast.

Additionally, recursive DNS service is provided by two servers (ns2.meeting.ietf.irg,, 2001:dfb:0:8::53) and (,, 2001:dfb:0.9.53). They don't accespt any dynamic DNS update requests.

Our domain name is


The terminal room and IETF network are made possible by the generous contributions by a number of companies and by the tireless efforts of our volunteer team. If you see any of these people in the halls, please be sure to thank them for all their work!