RFID Tagging Experiment at IETF 76

PLEASE NOTE: the details of the RFID tagging experiment are still under development. We welcome your comments, and we will continue to share more information as it becomes available.

Outline of the E-bluesheet Experiment
Conference Support System using ICT

In addition to the usual hardcopy bluesheets distributed in sessions, we are experimenting with an E-bluesheet system at IETF 76. This experiment is entirely optional and you will be given the opportunity to “opt in” during registration. If determine later that you do not want to participate, you can "opt out" at any time, at which point all of your information will be deleted from the system.

How it will work:

  • Attendees who want to participate in this experiment will have a RFID card attached as a sticker to their regular IETF meeting badge.
  • Only first name, last name and company/organization affiliation will be stored on the RFID card. If desired, participants will able to upload a photo as part of their card profile
  • During each session, card readers will be passed around and attendees will swipe their badge/card to record attendance electronically
  • In addition, session participants who speak at the microphone will be identified via the RFID tag for the benefit of remote attendees

Use of the data following the meeting:

  • The data will be printed and archived along with the paper blue sheets
  • The data will NOT be distributed to anyone other than the IAOC, IAD, the Secretariat and the host team that is organizing and supporting this experiment
  • The electronic data will be destroyed at the conclusion of the experiment