IETF 73 - Attendance List

Minneapolis, MN
16 - 21 November, 2008

Last updated Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 13:56:35 PST

962 attendees:

Last Name First Name Organization ISO 3166 Code Paid
Aboba Bernard Microsoft US Yes
Abu-Surra Shadi US Yes
Adamson Robert Naval Research Laboratory US Yes
Aggarwal Rahul Juniper Networks US Yes
Agrahara Sreenivasa Kiran Koushik Cisco Systems US Yes
Agrawal Gaurav IP Infusion US Yes
Ahn Sanghyun University of Seoul KR Yes
AINA Alain Patrick AFRINIC TG Yes
Airst Malcolm MITRE Corporation US Yes
Akkerhuis Jaap NLnet Labs NL Yes
Alaettinoglu Cengiz Packet Design US Yes
Ali Zafar Cisco Systems CA Yes
Alimi Richard Yale University US Yes
Allen Andrew Research in Motion US Yes
Allman Cat Google US Comp - Host
Alvestrand Harald NO Comp - Host
Amante Shane Level 3 Communications US Yes
Anand M Eka Systems Inc US Yes
Andersson Loa Acreo AB SE Yes
Andre Martin NICT JP Yes
Andrews Mark ISC AU Yes
Angelmo John SE Yes
Appanna Chandra US Yes
Arends Roy Nominet UK GB Yes
Arkko Jari Ericsson FI Yes
Arnold Douglas Symmetricom US Yes
Arumaithurai Mayutan University of Goettingen DE Yes
Asaeda Hitoshi Keio University / WIDE JP Yes
Asano Katsuhito Fujitsu, LTD JP Yes
Asati Rajiv Cisco NC Yes
Ashida Hiroyuki its communications Inc. JP Yes
Ashmore Samuel DoD US Yes
Ata Shingo Osaka City University JP Yes
Atarashi Ray IIJ Research Laboratory JP Yes
Atarashi Yoshifumi Alaxala Networks Corp. JP Yes
Atkins Derek PGP Corporation US Yes
Atlas Alia BT US Yes
Atwood William Concordia University CA Yes
Audet Francois Nortel US Yes
Austein Rob ISC US Yes
Awano Jun NEC JP Yes
Azinger Marla Frontier Communications and ARIN AC US Yes
Ördögh Zoltán Nokia FI Yes
Baasansuren Burmaa .MN Registry, Datacom MN Yes
Baber Amanda ICANN US Yes
Babiker Haythum Google Inc. CH Comp - Host
Baccelli Emmanuel FR Yes
Bagnulo Marcelo uc3m ES Yes
Bahadur Nitin Juniper Networks US Yes
Bajko Gabor Nokia CA Yes
Baker Fred Cisco Systems US Yes
Balus Florin Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Banerjee Ayan US Yes
Barnes Mary Nortel US Yes
Barnes Richard BBN Technologies US Yes
Barthel Dominique France Telecom R&D FR Yes
Bathrick Ward US Yes
Beck Wolfgang Deutsche Telekom AG DE Yes
Beebee, Jr. William Cisco Systems US Yes
Begen Ali Cisco US Yes
Bellis Ray Nominet UK GB Yes
Berfeld David Deutsche Telekom DE Yes
Berger Lou LabN Consulting LLC US Yes
Bergroth Magnus NORDUnet A/S SE Yes
Bernardos Carlos Universidad Carlos III de Madrid ES Yes
Berninger Daniel FWD US Yes
Bernstein Greg Grotto Networking US Yes
Betts Malcolm Nortel Networks CA Yes
Bhau Nehal Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Billinger Ola Com Hem SE Yes
Bitar Nabil Verizon US Yes
Björklund Martin Tail-f Systems SE Yes
Black David EMC Corporation US Yes
Blacka David Verisign, Inc. US Yes
Blake Steven Extreme Networks US Yes
Blanchet Marc Viagenie CA Yes
Blom Rolf Ericsson AB SE Yes
Blom Mikael TietoEnator SE Yes
Bloom Les DoD CIO US Yes
Blume Oliver Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs DE Yes
Bocci Matthew Alcatel-Lucent GB Yes
Bonica Ron Juniper Networks US Yes
Bonness Olaf T-Systems DE Yes
Boot Teco Infinity Networks B.V. NL Yes
Border John Hughes US Yes
Borman David Wind River Systems US Yes
Boulton Christopher Avaya GB Yes
Boutros Sami US Yes
Boyaci Omer Columbia University US Yes
Braden Robert USC/ISI US Yes
Bradner Scott Harvard University US Yes
Brandt Anders Zensys DK Yes
Brim Scott Cisco US Yes
Briscoe Bob BT GB Yes
Brown Mark RedPhone Security US Comp
Brownlee Nevil CAIDA | U Auckland US Yes
Brungard Deborah AT&T US Yes
Brunner-Williams Eric Corenic US Yes
Bryan David US Yes
Bryant Stewart Cisco Systems GB Yes
Bryskin Igor US Yes
Brzozowski John Jason Comcast US Yes
Buko Steve Dialogic Research US Yes
Burger Eric SIP Forum US Yes
Burleigh Scott JPL California Institute of Technology US Yes
Bush Randy IIJ JP Yes
Busi Italo Alcatel-Lucent IT Yes
Busschbach Peter Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Cai Yiqun Cisco Systems, Inc. US Yes
Calhoon John Microsoft US Yes
Callon Ross Juniper Networks US Yes
Camarillo Gonzalo Ericsson FI Yes
Campbell Bruce private US Yes
Campbell Ben Tekelec US Yes
Campbell Steven Mazu Networks US Yes
Cao Wei Huawei Technology CN Yes
Capello Alessandro IT Yes
Carlinet Yannick France Telecom FR Yes
Cartwright Kenneth VeriSign US Yes
Casner Stephen Packet Design US Yes
Cassell Jim DISA US Yes
Castaldi Tobia IT Yes
CAUCHIE Gregory France Telecom / Orange Labs FR Yes
Caviglia Diego Ericsson IT Yes
Cecccarelli Daniele Ericsson IT Yes
Cerf Vinton Google US Comp - Host
Cerveny William Arbor Networks US Yes
Chakeres Ian CenGen US Yes
Chan Kwok US Yes
Chang Eugene Cisco Systems US Yes
Channabasappa Sumanth US Yes
Chapin Lyman Interisle Consulting Group US Yes
Chapuran Thomas Telcordia US Yes
Charny Anna US Yes
Chege John Kevin Kenya Education Network (KENET) KE Yes
Chen Mach Huawei CN Yes
Chen Dick US Yes
Cheng Dean Cisco Systems US Yes
Cheshire Stuart Apple US Yes
Chew Kar Ann Vodafone GB Yes
Childs Jo CESG GB Yes
Chilton Paul Jennic Ltd GB Yes
Chisholm Sharon Nortel CA Yes
Chittimaneni Kiran Google Inc US Comp - Host
Choi Nakjung Seoul National University KR Yes
Choudhury Abhijit Cisco Systems US Yes
Chrisphonte Emmanuel Vladimir Haitian National Police HT Yes
Christou Chris Booz Allen Hamilton US Yes
Ciavaglia Laurent Alcatel-Lucent FR Yes
Claise Benoit Cisco Systems BE Yes
Clancy Charles US Department of Defense US Yes
Clark Alan Telchemy US Yes
Clausen Thomas FR Yes
Coca Mariajose Tellabs US Yes
Coeffic Raphael Tekelec / GmbH DE Yes
Cole Robert Johns Hopkins University US Yes
Conroy Lawrence Telnic AQ Yes
Contavalli Carlo Google IE Comp - Host
Cooper Alissa Center for Democracy & Technology US Yes
Cooper David NIST US Yes
Cotton Michelle ICANN - IANA US Yes
Crain John US Yes
Crocker Dave Brandenburg InternetWorking US Yes
Crocker Steve Shinkuro, Inc. US Yes
Culler David UC Berkeley US Yes
Daboo Cyrus Apple Inc. US Yes
Daigle Leslie Internet Society US Yes
Damas Joao ISC US Yes
Dang Quynh NIST US Yes
Das Subir Telcordia Technologies Inc. US Yes
Das Saumitra Qualcomm US Yes
Davids Carol Illinois Institute of Technology US Yes
Davie Bruce Cisco Systems US Yes
Davies Elwyn Folly Consulting GB Yes
Dawkins Spencer Huawei (USA) US Yes
De Mil Pieter Ghent University BE Yes
Dean Justin Naval Research Lab US Yes
Dec Wojciech Cisco NL Yes
Decugis Sebastien NICT JP Yes
Demaria Elena Telecom Italia IT Yes
Deng Hui China Mobile CN Yes
Denis-Courmont Remi Nokia FI Yes
DeSanti Claudio US Yes
Després Rémi FR Yes
Desruisseaux Bernard Oracle CA Yes
Devarapalli Vijay WiChorus US Yes
DiBona Chris Google, Inc. US Comp - Host
Dion Jeff US Yes
Dittler Hans Peter BRAINTEC Netzwerk-Consulting DE Yes
Dixon William V6 Security, Inc US Yes
Doherty Andrea RSA, The Security Division of EMC US Yes
Dolganow Andrew Alcatel-Lucent CA Yes
Dolly Martin AT&T US Yes
Dondeti Lakshminath Qualcomm US Yes
Donley Christopher CableLabs US Yes
doria avri Luleå University of Technology SE Yes
Dovner Lilla Ericsson AB SE Yes
Dowd Greg Symmetricom US Yes
Doyle Jeff Jeff Doyle and Associates US Yes
Drage Keith Alcatel-Lucent Telecom Ltd GB Yes
Drake John Boeing US Yes
Droms Ralph Cisco US Yes
Duffield Nick AT&T US Yes
Duncan Richard Command Information US Yes
Dupont Francis ISC FR Yes
Durand Alain Comcast US Yes
Dusseault Lisa CommerceNet US Yes
Dutt Dinesh Cisco Systems Inc. US Yes
Dutta Ashutosh Telcordia Technologies US Yes
Dvorshak Andrew Internet Society (ISOC) US Yes
Dwight Tim Verizon US Yes
Dykstra John Nortel US Yes
Eardley Philip BT GB Yes
Eastlake 3rd Donald US Yes
Eddy Wesley Verizon US Yes
egeland geir Telenor R&I NO Yes
Eggert Lars Nokia Research Center FI Yes
Eidnes Håvard UNINETT / NORDUnet NO Yes
Ellacott Byron APNIC AU Yes
Ellegaard Lars DK Yes
Elliott Chris Cisco Systems, Inc. US Comp
Elwell John Siemens Enterprise Communications GB Yes
Emery Shawn Sun Microsystems US Yes
Endo Hideki Hitachi, Ltd. JP Yes
Eronen Pasi Nokia FI Yes
Ersue Mehmet Nokia Siemens Networks DE Yes
Ertekin Emre US Yes
Eubanks Thomas Informata Communications US Yes
Evans Timothy CommandInformation US Yes
Even Roni Gesher Erove Ltd IL Yes
Fairhurst Gorry University of Aberdeen GB Yes
Fajardo Victor Toshiba America Research Inc US Yes
Falk Aaron GENI Project Office / BBN Technologies US Yes
Falkner Sam Sun Microsystems, Inc. US Yes
Fall Kevin Intel Research Berkeley US Yes
Farinacci Dino cisco Systems US Yes
Farrel Adrian Old Dog Consulting GB Yes
Farrell Stephen NewBay Software IE Yes
Faynberg Igor Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Fältström Patrik Cisco SE Yes
Fedyk Donald Nortel US Yes
Feldman Mark Shinkuro, Inc. US Yes
Feldmann Anja T-Labs / TU-Berlin DE Yes
Ferrant Jean-Loup Alcatel-Lucent FR Yes
Figueira Norival Foundry Networks US Yes
Finlayson Ross Live Networks, Inc. US Yes
Fischer Kai Siemens Enterprise Communications DE Yes
Fischl Jason CounterPath US Yes
Fleischhauer Karsten Deutsche Telekom AG DE Yes
Flinck Hannu Nokia Siemens Networks FI Yes
Fogelstrom Eva Ericsson SE Yes
Force Timothy Boeing US Yes
Ford Matthew ISOC GB Yes
Ford Bryan Max Planck Institute for Software Systems DE Yes
Fouquart Philippe France Telecom RD FR Yes
Francis Paul US Yes
Frankel Sheila NIST US Yes
Froment Thomas FR Yes
Fujisaki Tomohiro Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation JP Yes
Fujiwara Kazunori JPRS JP Yes
Fulignoli Annamaria ERICSSON IT Yes
Fuller Vince Cisco Systems US Yes
Fung Liza AT&T US Yes
Gagliano Roque LACNIC UY Yes
Galvin James eList eXpress LLC US Yes
Gao Feng ZTE CN Yes
Gast Matthew Trapeze Networks US Yes
Gavler Anders Acreo SE Yes
Geelen Eric Tellabs Inc US Yes
Gellens Randall Qualcomm US Yes
Gellert Dorothy Nokia US Yes
George Robins CN Yes
George Wesley US Yes
Gerich Elise Juniper Networks US Yes
Ghanwani Anoop Brocade US Yes
Ginoza Sandy USC/ISI US Yes
Ginsberg Les Cisco Systems US Yes
Giuliano Leonard Juniper US Yes
Goldman Stuart Alcatel Lucent US Yes
Golmie Nada NIST US Yes
Golovinsky Gene Alert Logic US Yes
Gomez Carlos UPC ES Yes
Gont Fernando UTN/FRH AR Yes
Goyal Mukul U Wisconsin Milwaukee US Yes
Grasic Samo Lulea Technical University SE Yes
Graveman Richard RFG Security US Yes
Gray Eric Ericsson US Yes
Green Howard Ericsson US Yes
Grewal Karanvir Intel Corporation US Yes
Griffiths Chris Comcast Cable US Yes
Guðmundsson Ólafur OGUD consulting US Yes
Gundavelli Sri Cisco US Yes
Gunn Janet CSC US Yes
Guo Yang Thomson US Yes
Gupta Rohit Yahoo US Yes
Gurbani Vijay Bell Laboratories/Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Guyton Deborah Telcordia US Yes
Haas Jeffrey Arbor Networks US Yes
Haberman Brian Johns Hopkins University US Yes
Hadi Salim Jamal Mojatatu Networks CA Yes
Hage Jason US DoD US Yes
Hagens Alice USC/ISI US Yes
Hahn Christian T-Systems GmbH DE Yes
Hain Tony Cisco US Yes
Halff Larry Ma.gnolia US Yes
Hallam-Baker Phillip VeriSign Inc. US Yes
Hallivuori Ville Tellabs FI Yes
Halpern Joel US Yes
Haluska John Telcordia Technologies, Inc US Yes
Hamilton Michael BreakingPoint Systems US Yes
Hammer Bernard Siemens Enterprise Communications DE Yes
Hammer-Lahav Eran Yahoo! US Yes
Han Rebecca Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. CN Yes
Handl Bernhard Telekom Austria TA AG AT Yes
Hanna Stephen Juniper Networks US Yes
Hansen Tony AT&T Labs US Yes
Hardaker Wes Sparta, Inc US Yes
Hardie Ted Qualcomm US Yes
Hares Susan Green Hills Software Inc. US Yes
Harkins Dan Aruba Networks US Yes
Harrington David HuaweiSymantec US Yes
Hartman Sam Painless Security US Yes
Harvieux Eric Google Inc. US Comp - Host
Hawrylyshen Alan Ditech Networks Inc. US Yes
HAYASHI Hideaki JP Yes
Hayes Tony University of Southern California US Yes
Hazeyama Hiroaki NAIST JP Yes
He Cheng HUAWEI Technologies CN Yes
Hedayat Kaynam EXFO US Yes
Height Brandon VeriLAN Event Services, Inc US Comp
Henderickx Wim Alcatel-Lucent BE Yes
Henderson Thomas Boeing US Yes
Henry Robert Technica Corporation US Yes
Herberg Ulrich Ecole Polytechnique FR Yes
Herbst Thomas Cisco Systems, Inc. US Yes
Herrin William ITT US Yes
Hildebrand Joe Cisco US Yes
Hiller Thomas Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Hilt Volker Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Hinden Robert US Yes
Hiromi Ruri Intec NetCore, Inc. JP Yes
Hisamatsu Tsuyoshi Keio Univ. JP Yes
Hodges Jeff Kings Mountain Systems US Yes
Hoene Christian Universität Tübingen DE Yes
Hoeneisen Bernie IETF NomCom CH Comp
Hoeper Katrin NIST US Yes
Hoffman Paul VPN Consortium US Yes
Hoffmann Martin Telio CH Yes
Hokelek Ibrahim Telcordia Technologies Inc. US Yes
Hollenbeck Scott VeriSign US Yes
Holmberg Christer LM Ericsson FI Yes
Hong Kenny Cisco US Yes
Hopps Chris Cisco Systems US Yes
Hotta Hirofumi JPRS JP Yes
Housley Russell Vigil Security, LLC US Yes
Hoyt Scott Internet Society US Yes
Hu Feng CN Yes
Huang Fuqing Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. CN Yes
Huang Min Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd CN Yes
Huelsemann Martin Deutsche Telekom DE Yes
Hui Jonathan Arch Rock Corporation US Yes
Hunt Geoff BT GB Yes
Hunt Doug Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Hunter David Panasonic US Yes
Huo David US Yes
Huque Shumon University of Pennsylvania US Yes
Hutchinson Todd VeriLAN Event Services, Inc US Comp
Hutton Andrew Siemens Enterprise Communications GB Yes
Hutzelman Jeffrey Carnegie Mellon University US Yes
Iannone Luigi TU Berlin / Deutsche Telekom Laboratories DE Yes
Ida Yoshihiro Panasonic Com. JP Yes
Igarashi Yuichi Hitachi, Ltd. JP Yes
Ihren Johan Autonomica SE Yes
IIDA Takamitsu Fujitsu JP Yes
Iijima Tomoyuki JP Yes
Imajuku Wataru NTT Communications JP Yes
in t Velt Ronald TNO ICT NL Yes
Inada Ryu Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. JP Yes
Ishac Joseph NASA Glenn Research Center US Yes
Isomaki Markus Nokia FI Yes
Isshiki Koji NTT AT JP Yes
Ivancic William NASA Glenn Research Center US Yes
Iwata Hideaki JP Yes
Jacobsen Ole Cisco Systems US Yes
Jaeggli Joel Nokia US Comp
Jain Rajnish IPC Systems US Yes
Jain Raj Washington University in Saint Louis US Yes
Jankiewicz Ed SRI International US Yes
Jansen Jelte NLnet Labs NL Yes
Jennings Cullen cisco US Yes
Jeong Sangjin ETRI KR Yes
Jeyatharan Mohana Panasonic Singapore Laboratories Pte Ltd SG Yes
jiang XingFeng CN Yes
Jiang Sheng Huawei Technologies Co. LTD CN Yes
Jinmei Tatuya ISC US Yes
Jo Seng Kyoun ETRI KR Yes
Johansson Ingemar Ericsson AB SE Yes
Johansson Leif Stockholm university SE Yes
Johnson Richard US Yes
Johnson Erica UNH-IOL US Yes
Johnston Alan Avaya US Yes
Jonson Staffan .se SE Comp - Host
Joseph Violene Haitian National Police HT Yes
Jung Souhwan SSU KR Yes
Juskevicius Edmund Nortel CA Yes
Kaeo Merike GuardTime US Yes
Kamite Yuji NTT Communications JP Yes
Kanda Mitsuru Toshiba / ISI US Yes
Kanno Satoru NTT Software Corporation JP Yes
Kao Ching -Yu TWNIC TW Yes
Kaplan Shaun Cape Peninsula University of Technology ZA Yes
Kaplan Hadriel Acme Packet US Yes
Kashimura Yasuo Alcatel-lucent JP Yes
Kato Akira Keio University JP Yes
Kaufman Charlie Microsoft US Yes
Kelly Scott Aruba Networks US Yes
Kent Stephen BBN Technologies US Yes
Kerr Shane Afilias NL Yes
Kessens David Nokia Siemens Networks US Yes
Khanna Sanjay Foundry Networks US Yes
Khartabil Hisham AU Yes
Kiesel Sebastian NEC Europe, Ltd. DE Yes
Kileng Frode Telenor NO Yes
Kim Dae Sun KR Yes
Kim Eunsook Eunah KR Yes
Kim Ji In KR Yes
KIM Kyongsok Busan National University KR Yes
Kim Young ETRI KR Yes
Kim Jaeyoun NIDA KR Yes
Kimura Taiji JPNIC JP Yes
Kini Sriganesh Redback Networks (An Ericsscon Company) US Yes
Kinnear Kenneth Cisco System Inc. US Yes
Kishi Yoji KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc. JP Yes
Kiss Krisztian Nokia US Yes
KISSANGOU Jean Philemon CG Yes
Kisteleki Robert RIPE NCC NL Yes
KITAMURA Hiroshi NEC Corporation JP Yes
Kitamura Kazuo JP Yes
Kivinen Tero Safenet FI Yes
Klensin John US Comp - Host
Klingenstein Kenneth Internet2 US Yes
Ko Nam-Seok ETRI KR Yes
Kobayashi Atsushi NTT JP Yes
Kobayashi Akira NEC Corporation JP Yes
Kobayashi Katsushi National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology JP Yes
Kobayashi Hugo BR Yes
Koch Peter DENIC eG DE Yes
Kochie Ben Google Inc. US Comp - Host
KOIDE Kazuhide Tohoku University JP Yes
Koike Arata NTT US Yes
Kojo Markku University of Helsinki FI Yes
Kolkman Olaf NLnet Labs NL Yes
Kompella Kireeti Juniper Networks US Yes
Kong Derrick BBN Technologies US Yes
Koodli Rajeev Starent Networks US Yes
Koskela Joakim HIIT FI Yes
Kosters Mark ARIN US Yes
Kothari Bhupesh Juniper Networks US Yes
Krishnan Suresh Ericsson CA Yes
Krsek Michal CESNET CZ Yes
Kruse Hans Ohio University US Yes
Krzanowski Roman Verizon US Yes
Kuhn Hans VeriLAN Event Services, Inc US Comp
Kukec Ana HR Yes
Kukich Jamon VeriLAN Event Services, Inc US Comp
Kumaki Kenji KDDI Labs JP Yes
Kuthan Jiri iptelorg/tekelec DE Yes
Kyzivat Paul Cisco Systems US Yes
Lacharité Yannick CA Yes
Laganier Julien DOCOMO Euro-Labs DE Yes
Lake David Cisco Systems GB Yes
Lam Hing-Kam Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Lamb Richard US Yes
Larson Matthew VeriSign, Inc. US Yes
Larson Matthew AMSL US Yes
Larsson Conny Ericsson AB SE Yes
Lautenschlager Markus Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Home DE Yes
Lawrence Scott Nortel US Yes
Le Faucheur Francois FR Yes
Lebovitz Gregory Juniper US Yes
Lee Young Huawei TK Yes
Lee Yiu Comcast US Yes
Lee Gyu Myoung KR Yes
Lee Ji Hoon KR Yes
Lee Jaehwoon Dongguk University KR Yes
Leiba Barry IBM Research US Comp
Leicht Suzanne US Yes
Leinen Simon SWITCH CH Yes
Lemon Edward Nominum, Inc. US Yes
Lengyel Balazs Ericsson HU Yes
Lennox Jonathan Vidyo US Yes
Lepinski Matt BBN Technologies US Yes
Leslie John US Yes
Levigneron Vincent AFNIC FR Yes
Levin Orit Microsoft Corporation US Yes
Levis Pierre France Telecom FR Yes
Levkowetz Henrik Netnod SE Yes
Levrau Lieven Alcatel-Lucent FR Yes
Lewis Darrel US Yes
Lewis Edward US Yes
Lhotka Ladislav CESNET CZ Yes
Li Tony Redback US Yes
Li Renwei Huawei USA US Yes
Li Dan Huawei Technologies CN Yes
Liebsch Marco NEC DE Yes
Liess Laura Deutsche Telekom DE Yes
LILJENSTOLPE Christopher Me, Myself, and I US Comp
Lim Keng ECI Telecom US Yes
Liman Lars-Johan Autonomica AB SE Yes
Lind Mikael Hexago CA Yes
Lindem Acee Redback Networks US Yes
Lindqvist Kurt Erik Netnod Internet Exchange Ab SE Yes
Linowski Bernd Nokia Siemens Networks / TCS DE Yes
Linsner Marc US Yes
Livingood Jason Comcast US Yes
Lonvick Chris I drink Guinness beer. US Yes
Loreto Salvatore Ericsson FI Yes
Lothberg Peter STUPI LLC US Yes
Lovinger Daniel Microsoft US Yes
Lowekamp Bruce US Yes
Lu Huilan Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Lu Jarrett Sun Microsystems US Yes
Luchuk Alan SNMP Research Inc. US Yes
Lundberg Michael US Yes
Luthi Patrick Tandberg NO Yes
Lynch Lucy Internet Society US Yes
Maas Wilfried Deutsche Telekom AG DE Yes
Macker Joseph PRG US Yes
Madison Chad Ditech Networks US Yes
Madson Cheryl Cisco US Yes
Maennel Olaf TU-Berlin/T-Labs DE Yes
Maharishi Manjul VeriSign Inc US Yes
Mahmud Mohibul Hasib BRAC BDMail Network Ltd. BD Yes
Malas Daryl CableLabs US Yes
Malis Andrew Verizon US Yes
Manderson Terry ICANN AU Yes
Mani Mahalingam Avaya Inc. US Yes
Mansfield Scott Ericsson US Yes
Manur Rajeev Broadcom Corp US Yes
Marjou Xavier France Telecom FR Yes
Marlow David NSWC-DD US Yes
Marocco Enrico Telecom Italia Lab IT Yes
Marotta Claudio .it ccTLD Registry IT Yes
Marshall Roger TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. US Yes
Martensson Jonas Acreo SE Yes
Martini Luca Cisco US Yes
Martocci Jerald Johnson Controls Inc. US Yes
Mase Kenichi Niigata University JP Yes
Mathis Matthew Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center PA Yes
MATSUHIRA Naoki Fujitsu Limited JP Yes
Matsumoto Arifumi NTT JP Yes
Matsushima Satoru SOFTBANK TELECOM JP Yes
Mayer Michael Nortel CA Yes
Mayrhofer Alexander GmbH AT Yes
Mäenpää Jouni Ericsson FI Yes
Mäkelä Antti Teliasonera FI Yes
McCahill Mark Duke University US Yes
McCann Peter Motorola US Yes
McDysan David Verizon US Yes
McEachern James Nortel CA Yes
McFadden Mark BT US Yes
McGregor Andrew IndraNet Technologies NZ Yes
McGrew David Cisco Systems US Yes
McNerney Jon ISOC CH Yes
McPherson Danny Arbor Networks, Inc. US Yes
Melia Telemaco Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs FR Yes
Melnikov Alexey Isode Limited GB Yes
Metz Chris Cisco US Yes
MEURIC Julien France Telecom FR Yes
Meyer David Cisco/UO US Yes
Michaelson George APNIC AU Yes
Migault Daniel FR Yes
Miles David Alcatel-Lucent AU Yes
Minei Ina Juniper Networks US Yes
Miniero Lorenzo IT Yes
Mirsky Gregory Sycamore Networks US Yes
Mohali Marianne France Telecom FR Yes
Molinier Lionel FR Yes
Momose Tsuyoshi Cisco Systems JP Yes
Mongrain Daniel PlantCML CA Yes
Montenegro Gabriel Microsoft US Yes
Montgomery Doug NIST US Yes
Montini Laurent Cisco FR Yes
Moon Yong-Hyuk ETRI KR Yes
Moran Timothy SAIC US Yes
Morand Lionel Orange Labs FR Yes
Morgan Robert University of Washington / Internet2 US Yes
Morris Stephen Nominet UK GB Yes
Morrow Monique Cisco Systems, Inc. US Yes
Morrow Christopher Google US Comp - Host
Morton Al AT&T Labs US Yes
Moskowitz Robert ICSAlabs / Verizon Business Systems US Yes
Moustafa Hassnaa France Telecom FR Yes
Muhanna Ahmad Nortel US Yes
Mule Jean-Francois CableLabs US Yes
Muley Praveen Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Mun Young Song Soongsil University KR Yes
Murai Jun Keio University/ WIDE Project JP Yes
Murakami Tetsuya IP Infusion, Inc US Yes
Murphy Sandra SPARTA, Inc US Yes
Murthy Ganesh CISCO SYSTEMS US Yes
Nagami Kenichi INTEC NetCore JP Yes
Nagy Robert DeepDive Networking US Comp
Nainani Amit SSC Pacific US Yes
Nakagawa Akira KDDI JP Yes
Napierala Maria AT&T Labs US Yes
Narayanan Vidya CA Yes
Narayanan Ashok Cisco Systems US Yes
Neate Nicolas Data Connection Ltd GB Yes
Nelson Richard University of Waikato NZ Yes
Nelson Eric ICANN US Yes
Nelson David Elbrys Networks, Inc. US Yes
Neuman Clifford USC Information Sciences Institute US Yes
Neumann Niklas University of Goettingen DE Yes
Neves Frederico Nic .br BR Yes
Newman Chris Sun Microsystems US Yes
Newton Andrew American Registry for Internet Numbers US Yes
Nguyen Thomas DISA US Yes
Nielsen Karen TietoEnator DK Yes
Nieminen Klaus FICORA FI Yes
Ninomiya Megumi Internet Initiative Japan Inc. JP Yes
Nishioka Itaru NEC JP Yes
Niven-Jenkins Benjamin BT GB Yes
NOBUOKA TAKAYOSHI Trans New Technology, Inc. JP Yes
Nordmark Erik Sun Microsystems, Inc. US Yes
Norreys Steve BT GB Yes
OConnor Donald Fujitsu Network Communications US Yes
ODonoghue Karen NSWCDD US Comp
Ogawa Kentaro NTT Corporation JP Yes
Ohba Takumi JP Yes
Ohno Hiroyuki Kanazawa University JP Yes
Ohta Hiroshi NTT JP Yes
OIWA Yutaka RCIS, AIST Japan JP Yes
Okamoto Shuichi KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc. JP Yes
Okimoto Tadahisa Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation JP Yes
Okita Hideki Hitachi, Ltd. JP Yes
Omiya Tomoki NTT Advance Technology Corporation JP Yes
Ong Lyndon Ciena US Yes
Oran David Cisco Systems US Yes
Oslebo Arne UNINETT NO Yes
Ott Joerg TKK Comnet FI Yes
PAIK Eun Kyoung KT KR Yes
Pala Massimiliano OpenCA Labs / Dartmouth College US Yes
Palet Martinez Jordi Consulintel ES Yes
Palmquist Scott CipherOptics US Yes
Papadimitriou Dimitri Alcatel-Lucent Bell BE Yes
Park Soohong Samsung Electronics KR Yes
Partain David Ericsson SE Yes
Pascual Victor iptelorg-Tekelec DE Yes
Patara Ricardo LACNIC BR Yes
Patil Basavaraj Nokia US Yes
Patton Michael MAP Network Engineering US Yes
Paul Manuel Deutsche Telekom AG DE Yes
Peck Michael US Department of Defense US Yes
Pedersen Lars TPACK DK Yes
Penfield Robert Acme Packet US Yes
Perkins Charles WiChorus US Yes
Perlman Radia Sun US Yes
Perlner ray NIST US Yes
Perreault Simon Viagénie CA Yes
Peterson Jon US Yes
Petit-Huguenin Marc 8x8, Inc. US Yes
Petrie Daniel SIPez LLC US Yes
Pettai Fredrik NORDUnet A/S SE Yes
Pettersen Yngve Opera Software ASA NO Yes
Phanachet Oratai NTT Advanced Technology Corporation JP Yes
Pietrosemoli Ermanno La Fundación Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes VE Yes
Pike Anthony CSC US Yes
Pillay-Esnault Padma Cisco Systems US Yes
Pister Kris UC Berkeley US Yes
Poitou Ludovic Sun Microsystems, Inc. FR Yes
Polk William NIST US Yes
Polk James Cisco US Yes
Poretsky Scott Allot Communications US Yes
Portman Leon NICE Systems IL Yes
pouffary yanick hp FR Yes
Previdi Stefano Cisco Systems IT Yes
Pusateri Tom ! j US Yes
QIU Ying Institute for Infocomm Research SG Yes
Qiu Ray Alcatel-Lucent CA Yes
Quigley David National Security Agency US Yes
Quittek Juergen NEC DE Yes
Raghunath Satish Juniper Networks US Yes
Raszuk Robert Juniper Networks PL Yes
Ratliff Stan Cisco Systems NC Yes
Raveh Simon IANA US Yes
Reichinger Kurt RTR GmbH AT Yes
Reid Jim AX Yes
Reid David SNMP Research Inc. US Yes
Rekhter Yakov Juniper Networks US Yes
Remaley Hasch Evelyn US Yes
Rennison Robert ECI Telecom US Yes
Rescorla Eric US Yes
Resnick Peter Qualcomm Incorporated US Yes
Rickard Wendy The Rickard Group, Inc. US Yes
Roach Adam Tekelec US Yes
Robachevsky Andrei RIPE NCC NL Yes
Roberts Phil Internet Society US Yes
Roca Vincent INRIA FR Yes
Rodrigues Silvana CA Yes
Roh Hyosun KR Yes
Romano Simon Pietro University of Napoli Federico II IT Yes
Romascanu Dan AVAYA IL Yes
Rose Scott NIST US Yes
Roseman Barbara IANA/ICANN US Yes
Rosen Eric Cisco Systems, Inc. US Yes
Rosen Brian NeuStar US Yes
Rosenberg Jonathan Cisco US Yes
Rowles Sheela Cisco US Yes
Roy Abhay Cisco US Yes
Ruditsky Sasha Radvision Ltd. IL Yes
Ruffini Stefano Ericsson IT Yes
Rupeni Terry University of the South Pacific FJ Yes
Russell Paul University of Notre Dame US Yes
Sahara Tomoyuki Internet Initiative Japan Inc JP Yes
Saint-Andre Peter XMPP Standards Foundation US Yes
Sajassi Ali US Yes
Sakane Shoichi Yokogawa Electric Corporation JP Yes
Saleem Adnan Radisys CA Yes
Salgado Hugo NIC Chile CL Yes
Salmi Bob Routing Dynamics Inc. US Yes
Salowey Joseph Cisco Systems US Yes
Sanchez Mauricio Hewlett-Packard US Yes
Sangster Paul Symantec US Yes
Santesson Stefan Microsoft SE Yes
Sanz Marcos DENIC eG DE Yes
Sarikaya Behcet Huawei USA US Yes
Sarker A.N.M. Zaheduzzaman Ericsson AB SE Yes
Sasaki Erick NTT US Yes
Sato Shinta JPRS JP Yes
Sato Hiroaki NTT JP Yes
SATOH Hiroki Hitachi, Ltd. JP Yes
Satoh Daisuke NTT Advanced Technology JP Yes
Saucez Damien Uclouvain BE Yes
Savolainen Teemu Nokia FI Yes
Schaad Jim Soaring Hawk Consulting US Yes
Schafer Robert Verizon US Yes
Scharf Michael University of Stuttgart, IKR DE Yes
Schierl Thomas Fraunhofer HHI DE Yes
Schmidt Thomas HAW Hamburg (DE) DE Yes
Schmidt Christian Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH&CoKG DE Yes
Schnizlein John ISOC US Yes
Schoenmaker Peter Cariden Technologies US Yes
Scholz Hendrik freenet Cityline GmbH DE Yes
Schott Roland Deutsche Telekom AG DE Yes
Schroetter Dirk Cisco Systems, Inc. DE Yes
Schubert Shida NTT JP Yes
Schwartz David XConnect IL Yes
Scott Mark Nortel CA Yes
Scudder John Juniper Networks US Yes
Seedorf Jan NEC DE Yes
Seely Ted Sprint US Yes
Seidel Craig MovieLabs US Yes
Seite Pierrick France Telecom - Orange labs FR Yes
Sekiya Yuji The University of Tokyo JP Yes
Selkirk Paul Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. US Yes
Sellers Charles NTT America US Yes
Seo Yeong-il KT KR Yes
Shafer Phil Juniper Networks US Yes
Shah Himanshu Ciena Corp US Yes
Shalunov Stanislav BitTorrent US Yes
Shand Mike Cisco GB Yes
Shao Hong ZTE Corporation CN Yes
Sheedy Sean ARRIS, Inc. US Yes
Sheffer Yaron Check Point IL Yes
Shelby Zach Sensinode Ltd. FI Yes
Shen Shuo HUAWEI CN Yes
Shen Yang Nokia Siemens Networks CN Yes
Shepard Timothy US Yes
Shepherd Greg cisco US Yes
Shinno Miyuki NTT Advanced Technology Corporation JP Yes
Shockey Richard NeuStar US Yes
Shomura Yusuke ALAXALA Networks Corp. JP Yes
Shore Melinda Cisco Systems US Yes
Sidorenco Veaceslav Technical University of Moldova MD Yes
Simona Tenanoia Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation TV Yes
Singh Hemant Cisco US Yes
Singh Shubhranshu Samsung IN Yes
Sinha Satyam Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Sinicrope David US Yes
Small Christopher BBN Technologies US Yes
Smotlacha Vladimir CESNET CZ Yes
So Ning Verizon Business US Yes
Soerensen Frode Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority NO Yes
Soininen Jonne Nokia Siemens Networks FI Yes
Soliman Hesham Elevate Technologies AU Yes
Sova Milan CESNET CZ Yes
Sparks Robert Tekelec US Yes
Sprecher Nurit Nokia Siemens Networks IL Yes
Sridharan Murari Microsoft US Yes
Sriram Kotikalapudi NIST MD Yes
St. Pierre Pete Sun Microsystems, Inc US Yes
St.Amour Lynn Internet Society US Yes
Stach Thomas Siemens Enterprise Communications AT Yes
Stanley Dorothy Aruba Networks US Yes
Steigerwald Wolfgang Deutsche Telekom DE Yes
Stein Yaakov RAD Data Communications IL Yes
Stewart Randall TRG US Yes
Stiemerling Martin NEC DE Yes
StJohns Michael US Yes
Street Dow LinQuest US Yes
Subramaniam Kamala Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Suemura Yoshihiko NEC Corporation of America US Yes
Sullivan Andrew Shinkuro CA Yes
Sun Qian CN Yes
Sury Ondrej CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o. CZ Yes
Suzuki Shinnosuke Iwatsu Electric co.,ltd. JP Yes
Suzuki Shinsuke ALAXALA Networks Corp. JP Yes
Suzuki Takuya NTT-AT JP Yes
Swallow George Cisco Systems US Yes
Takacs Attila Ericsson HU Yes
Takahashi Toru RIIS JP Yes
Takeda Tomonori NTT JP Yes
Takeuchi Shohei NEC Corporation JP Yes
Tasaka Kazuyuki JP Yes
Tavakoli Arsalan UC Berkeley US Yes
Taylor Tom PT Taylor Consulting CA Yes
Tempia Bonda Alberto Telecom Italia IT Yes
Templin Fred Boeing US Yes
Teraoka Minoru Japan JP Yes
Tewell Josh Duke University US Yes
Thaler Dave Microsoft US Yes
Thoesink Holger Deutsche Telekom DE Yes
Thome Timothy Kyocera US Yes
Thompson Brian VeriLAN Event Services, Inc US Comp
Thompson Jesse UW Madison Division of Information Technology US Yes
Thomson Susan US Yes
Thomson Martin Andrew Corporation AU Yes
Thrasher Jerry Lexmark International Inc. US Yes
Tochio Yuji Fujitsu JP Yes
Tomsu Marco Bell Labs / Alcatel-Lucent DE Yes
Totterman Johan Nokia FI Yes
Touch Joseph USC/ISI US Yes
Townsley Mark US Yes
Trammell Brian Hitachi Europe CH Yes
Treacy Mark AU Yes
Tschofenig Hannes Nokia Siemens Networks FI Yes
Tuexen Michael Muenster University of Applied Sciences DE Yes
Turner Sean IECA, Inc. US Yes
Ueno Satoshi NTTCommunications JP Yes
Uijterwaal Henk RIPE NCC NL Yes
ulrich steve cisco US Yes
Urien Pascal Telecom ParisTech FR Yes
Uttaro James AT&T US Yes
Uzelac Adam Global Crossing US Yes
Valluri Padma US Yes
van Beijnum Iljitsch IMDEA Networks ES Yes
Van de Velde Gunter BE Yes
van der Pol Ronald SARA NL Yes
van Helvoort Huub Huawei Technologies NL Yes
van Wijk Arnoud ISOC NL Yes
Varma Eve Alcatel-Lucent US Yes
Vasseur J Philippe FR Yes
Veikkolainen Simo Nokia FI Yes
Venaas Stig UNINETT NO Yes
Verhaeghe Fabien Marben Products FR Yes
Verschuren Antoin SIDN NL Yes
VerSteeg Bill Cisco US Yes
Victora Hecht Fabio University of Zurich CH Yes
Vigoureux Martin Alcatel-Lucent FR Yes
Vogt Christian Ericsson FI Yes
Volk Ruediger Deutsche Telekom DE Yes
Volz Bernard Cisco Systems US Yes
Vyncke Eric Cisco Systems BE Yes
Waclawsky John Motorola US Yes
Wadhwa Amrit Tekelec US Yes
Wakikawa Ryuji Toyota ITC JP Yes
Wallace Carl Cygnacom Solutions US Yes
Walsh Thomas Juniper Networks US Yes
Walter Michael US Yes
Wang Ti-Shiang Nokia MA Yes
Wang Yushun Microsoft US Yes
Wang Ye Yale University US Yes
Ward David US Yes
Wasserman Margaret Sandstorm Enterprises US Yes
Watanabe Keita Cisco Systems G.K. JP Yes
Watson Mark Digital Fountain US Yes
Wählisch Matthias HAW Hamburg, FU Berlin & link-lab DE Yes
Weaver Nicholas ICSI US Yes
Week Lisa Sun Microsystems US Yes
Weiler Samuel SPARTA US Yes
Weingarten Yaacov Nokia Siemens Networks IL Yes
Weis Brian Cisco Systems US Yes
Wells Paul Cisco US Yes
Wenger Stephan Nokia US Yes
Werle Christoph University of Karlsruhe DE Yes
westacott daniel University of Minnesota US Comp
Westerlund Magnus Ericsson